Supernatural Season 10 Episode 12 Picture Preview: Teen Dean!

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Smells like teen spirit.

On Supernatural Season 10 Episode 12, Dean is transformed into his 14-year-old self. And that is all while he and Sam are forced to figure out who is behind a series of mysterious disappearances.

In these preview photos, young Dean looks like he's ready to complete their mission, and Sam looks like he still can't believe he's not the younger brother anymore. Talk about the young and the restless.

And might there be a connection to Hansel and Gretel? Take a look!

If you want to revisit a case or two when the Winchesters are both adults, you can always watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic!

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

There was a Taylor Swift song on the bus that I hopped to the motel, and uh, I liked it Sam. I liked it a lot.


Sam: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Talk to me!
Teen Dean: Really Sam? Now? I got no grass on the infield and a girl's gonna die. Sorry if I'm not in a chatty mood. Look. You wanted me back in the game, I'm back in the damn game. C'mon.