The Big Bang Theory: Watch Season 8 Episode 16 Online

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Can science make one fall in love?!?

This was the question at the heart of The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 16.

Indeed, the latest installment of this beloved CBS sitcom centered on an experiment designed to make participants feel all the feelings for each other.

It piqued Penny and Leonard's interest, so they decide to put it to the test.

Elsewhere, Leonard, Amy, Raj and Emily had an encounter with a "zombie," while Howard and Bernadette ran into trouble at the airport.

You can't say that synopsis didn't make you curious! Go ahead  and watch The Big Bang Theory online to find out more!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Amy: I just read about an experiment designed to see if you can make two people fall in love in a matter of hours.
Leonard: That doesn't sound right. My research has shown that it takes three to five years of shameless begging.

Leonard: I'm telling you, you can't create love in a few hours. Right?
Penny: Careful. You're poking at the whole foundation of The Bachelor.