The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The Kenyon Family

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A creepy cult that marries children and super dirty, crazy "Watchers" in the woods?

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 12 definitely provided an entertaining case of the week.

A bit outlandish? Of course, but there are fanatical religious groups out there...

The concept that there could be these people brainwashed by the religious leader, indoctrinated children blowing themselves up at the behest of that leader, and the fact that the copious amount of boys in the group were sent to pretty much die because the leader didn't want them was all kinds of messed up. 

It was good to see there felt like a level of suspense and tension as the FBI team raided the land (to discover the massacre), or during the crash as Ressler was taken away, or even after Liz managed to get herself captured.

On this show, I'm not really expecting any main character to die, especially not Liz (though the amount of times she gets captured is pretty ridiculous), but I felt much more engaged even with the FBI team in trouble.

Plus, there was something majorly unsettling about those people that gave off a sort of The Hills Have Eyes vibe (minus the whole mutant angle). And that discovery of the leader with the tree branches sticking out of his mouth and eyes? Yikes.

At the same time, Red's search for the safe Alan Fitch spoke about was intriguing, but we didn't really get a ton of new details. 

It was rather curious though how Red did manage to get a number to a person who answered back asking about the location of the safe. Wait. What?

I'm pretty sure not even Red was expecting that. 

However, it wasn't a surprise he was able to find what he was looking for after the FBI team took care of the cult issue. So why was there a presidential car hidden underneath? And the briefcase?

The Blacklist loves to dangle questions and tease answers, doesn't it?

But it was nice to see some more human moments during the hour as well.

I loved Red's rapport with Glen. It's not often we see Red flustered or frustrated, so it was rather humorous to watch the two interact. I even liked that Glen got to come along for the ride, especially after messing with Red about never traveling.

We also learned a bit more about Harold and a trial that took a lot of strings to get into. I'm glad that this trial might help him (Is he dying?), but I can't help but think there might be some type of repercussion for the favor later on.

Liz is clearly not interested in being friends with Red, no matter how hard he tries. You can definitely tell there's a level of sadness as she rebukes his efforts, and i wonder if that might wind up making him reveal more of the reason as to why he chose her in the first place. You know, what their real relationship is.

Either way, this was an entertaining hour of The Blacklist Season 2 for both the case of the week and the bigger story. This was an episode I was far more invested in, and of course, who can't help but enjoy James Spader as Red. The actor just knows how to deliver.

What did you think of the episode? Who was on the phone? Sound off below, and catch up on Red and Liz's exploits when you watch The Blacklist online now.

The Kenyon Family Review

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