The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Return

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Can I preface this review by saying that NOTHING is more attractive than Athos in a white billowy shirt and black gloves?

On The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 5, Athos must protect the lands he abandoned when he gave up his title as an evil Baron terrorizes the villagers and burns their crops.

Athos has been pushed to the side a bit this season, so it was great to see an episode that focused on him.

I love seeing flashbacks to Athos' days as the Comte de la Fere because they give us such a different look at him. In particular, the scenes with Milady back when she was Anne, were beautiful to see. Those two are so tortured and bitter in the present, so it's easy to forget they were happily married and in love at one time. It's nice to see their happier times because it better explains how Athos became so angry and depressed after losing that. It also gives us a little hope that maybe those two crazy kids will work it out one day. 

Another fun addition to the bunch was Athos' almost-sister-in-law, Catherine. At first, I really felt bad for this girl. She was passed over by her betrothed for a complete stranger, passed on to the younger brother, and then abandoned after said fiancee was murdered. It's only later that we realize she's not as put upon as she seems, and her vengeful hatred for Milady borders on psychotic. 

I cannot breathe in a world where your wife lives.


The dud plot of the night goes to Porthos and Treville's ongoing tug of war over the issue of Porthos' father. Don't get me wrong, that plot is interesting, and I'm more than eager to find out about all that drama (past and present). But we mostly just got more of the same; Porthos demanding answers, and Treville refusing to budge. Not very entertaining. 

Give me answers or even just another hint, and I'll change my tune. 

Aramis was mostly around for comic relief in this episode, but he performed admirably. With so many heavy Anamis scenes last week (and more to come if the promo pictures are to be believed) it was good to give him a bit of a break. 

Porthos: I didn't think that would work.
Aramis: Centuries of inbreeding is making the aristocracy stupid.

The last point I want to touch on with this review is the truly wonderful development of Athos and D'Artagnan's friendship. From their first interactions, you wouldn't think the two would be so close. Especially not after finding out that D'Artagnan slept with Athos' wife. But their friendship has grown strong over the past two seasons. Seeing D'Artagnan be there for Athos during such a stressful and emotional time was lovely to watch.

Bromances are almost always better than romances in my opinion.

With Catherine heading off to kill Milady, Porthos still in the dark about his father, and the Musketeers currently without a leader, Paris looks like a powder keg just waiting to go off.

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The Return Review

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The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Treville: All right, I'll ride with you. But not as your commanding officer.
D'Artagnan: Whatever you say, Captain.

Athos: A little battered, but just about serviceable.
D'Artagnan: You talking about yourself or that pistol?