Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 Photo Gallery: Bells Will be Ringing!

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John Diggle and Lyla Michaels are getting married!!

It's about time, as we haven't had a married couple on Arrow since Moira and Walter parted ways. Love is not kind to our friends in Starling City, but Dig and Lyla have proven they can overcome the obstacles.

The photos of Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 not only show them dancing, but we see Oliver acting in his capacity as best man and one lucky lady with her hands on the wedding bouquet! Take a look:

Romance is short lived for the blissfully wed couple, however, as Deadshot will interrupt their honeymoon with news of an important Suicide Squad mission to rescue a senator in the Republic of Kasnia. Amanda Waller will then introduce their new recruit – Cupid.

Meanwhile, Oliver learns about Ray Palmer's new ATOM suit and decides to confront him. From the photos, it looks as if Ray decides to appeal to Oliver's softer side. On the romantic side of things, Felicity and Ray will hit a rough patch. Say it ain't so!

It looks like the episode will be jam packed with excitement. First, though, we have to get through Arrow Season 3 Episode 16, "The Offer," on March 18 to find out what Oliver thinks about following in Ra's al Ghul's footsteps.

If you are falling behind (shame on you), you can catch up when you watch Arrow online!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Laurel: Beautiful ceremony.
Oliver: Beautiful dress.
Laurel: Thank you.
Oliver: Did it come with the cast?
Laurel: I started fighting with a new trainer. She's enthusiastic.

Diggle: I see you brought your plus one.
Ray: Nice to meet you. Ray Palmer.
Diggle: John Diggle. [whispering into Ray's ear] You hurt her, they'll never find your body. [louder] Nice to meet you!