Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Old Flames

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Who would have guessed the Commander had such a busy dating life?

It's usually the ones least expected who have the most active dating lives and Kim's (Yes! The Commander has a first name, and it seems appropriate to use it when talking dating) had 17 partners in the past three years while Russ has been struggling to make a single connection with Holly.

Yet whether overly active or inactive we learned on Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5, neither of them are exactly healthy when it comes to their love lives.

The Arson Investigation - Battle Creek

Commander Kim Guziewicz is one of those women who attracts men like crazy. It's unclear why (we don't know her well enough to surmise), but you can't help but wonder if part of it isn't because she drops them like hot potatoes well before their time is up.

Good things change and become not so good. I like to leave while they're still good.


Yes, she's one of those people who runs while the going is good rather than sticking around to find out that heartbreak is right around the corner. I'd hate to think it has anything to do with the adoption of her son, Danny, but it's difficult not to see a connection.

Danny was a three-year-old she found during a case years ago after his parents were killed at a crime scene. As women's roles were a lot different in those days, her captain suggested he take the kid home. Unfortunately, Danny was troubled from the onset and wound up in juvie.

That's why he was one of the prime suspects as far as Russ was concerned when Kim's house went up in flames. One of my favorite moments was Russ' interrogation of Danny. He didn't get ruffled when Danny physically attacked him, and really had an understanding what Danny was going through and insight into a son's love for his mother. It was impressive.

I loved that the case was so simple; Kim's neighbor was attempting to make a wide, sweeping and romantic gesture to win her back. He set up two candles with a letter and before he even left the house he had set it on fire. He called 911, at least, but didn't cop to setting the blaze. Hell, that would hardly win her over! He seemed like a great guy. Maybe i she'd given him a chance, she could have foregone the heartbreak after all.

What was missing this week was any real interaction between Milt and Russ. Most of it was rather superficial. There were a few jarring comments here and there, and Milt continued his quest to better understand Russ' feelings for Holly, but the series really rests on their sarcastic jousts. The fewer there are in an hour, the less enthralling it is.

The best of Russ and Milt came when Milt tried to get Russ to make a move with Holly and Russ was too late. It was touching watching Milt's expression as he took in Russ' reaction to Holly leaving with the coffee man. He was genuinely concerned, showing there's a lot more to their partnership than the antagonistic combat they engage in on a daily basis.

If you've missed any of Vince Gilligan's latest series, you can watch Battle Creek online right here via TV Fanatic.

Old Flames Review

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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Russ: I wet my bed til I was 12.
Milt: No you didn't.

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Milt: I know you're worried about Holly, but I'm sure everything's...
Russ: Stop talkin' right there.
Milt: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to reassure you.
Russ: Reassure me? So as this is not a professional conversation, we don't need to be having it.
Milt: You're hurt?
Russ: I opened up to you because you kept jabbering on about trust and I thought, for a brief moment, that you meant it. That you were right, people work work together, they should trust each other. You know, they shouldn't have secrets, so then I told you a deeply personal story and I get nothing.
Milt: I'm sorry that I didn't reciprocate. It's just that you told me a deeply personal fictional story and I couldn't come up with something fast enough.