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It's Funkhauser's bachelor party.The headliner is Russ, dressed like a cowgirl. Sort of. He's Walkin' on Sunshine. Milt is absent.

There is a call while they're there. The Commander's house. The entire drunken group rushes over. Someone opened the window and threw in a molotov cocktail. They tried to kill her. 

From now on, they're not busting anyone, Russ doesn't care if it's the Purge out there, their sole focus will be on finding who set the house on fire.

Russ calls Milt in fore his help and Milt is tickled. 

Kim's former contractor/boyfriend may have been burning down houses to make money for himself.

The Commander isn't pleased that Jaycocks is investigating her son, Danny, at Russ' request. Jaycocks learned he's been in town for months. He's adopted from a husband/wife killing when he was three years old.

Russ and Milt find a house on fire and while Russ puts out the fire, Milt rescues someone while groupies take video of his daring rescue.

When they get to the getaway car. Milt tries to psychoanalyze Russ and his interest in Holly.

Jaycocks discovered the flowers were ordered from the strip club where Funk had his bachelor party.

When none of the other suspects line up, Russ wants to bring in Danny. Kim is scared to death, but Russ wonders what she'd do if Danny wasn't her son. They bring him in.

When Russ pushes Danny's buttons, Danny launches himself across the table and grabs Russ by the collar. Then he admits where he was; a crack house.

Jaycocks lied about the call coming from inside the strip club. It was from the guy where she gets her coffee. That's who sent Holly her coffee.

Kim's neighbor wanted to do a wide, sweeping romantic gesture and set her house on fire.

The Commander meets with her son to say she wanted to wait until he wasn't using to see him. It might have been a cop out, but it's all she had. She's going to start coming by every day, just to see how he's doing.

Russ can't stop looking at Holly, wondering how to make a move. When he readies himself to cross the room, her coffee fellow walks in. She takes one more glance back at him.

Milt actually looks hurt for Russ.



Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Russ: I wet my bed til I was 12.
Milt: No you didn't.

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Milt: I know you're worried about Holly, but I'm sure everything's...
Russ: Stop talkin' right there.
Milt: I'm sorry, I'm just trying to reassure you.
Russ: Reassure me? So as this is not a professional conversation, we don't need to be having it.
Milt: You're hurt?
Russ: I opened up to you because you kept jabbering on about trust and I thought, for a brief moment, that you meant it. That you were right, people work work together, they should trust each other. You know, they shouldn't have secrets, so then I told you a deeply personal story and I get nothing.
Milt: I'm sorry that I didn't reciprocate. It's just that you told me a deeply personal fictional story and I couldn't come up with something fast enough.