CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Killer en Route

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You can probably say that an issue has gone pretty mainstream when it makes its way onto network television and becomes the center of a new CSI murder investigation. 

Congratulations are in order for Uber, Lyft and the other taxi apps out there, CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 3 was made for you. Although the hour only focused on the dangers associated with this hot trend, this installment was actually much more put together and flowed more smoothly than CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 2.

Now, let's get to the discussion! 

The Car Service Hack - CSI: Cyber

For starters, I liked the bit about Nelson and Mundo talking about their taxi preferences. Of course, Mundo prefers taxis and Nelson prefers Zogo. I think we can chalk this up to a generational difference as it is implied that Mundo is a bit older than Nelson and also a lot more serious. 

Their difference of opinion highlighted the divide that there is between Mundo and Avery and the rest of the team. The divide is not necessarily a bad thing, it just seems like there are two groups that have bonded over who they are as people. I suspect that how they got to where they are professionally has a lot to do with the pairings, as well. 

Did anyone else notice that Raven, Nelson and Krumitz were going to do some shots together while Avery and Mundo were at the bar? I noticed the separation last week too. I think it's cool that there is a divide between the 'hackers' and the 'feds' because it makes for some interesting relationship dynamics. It's cool to see them all come together to support Krumitz with the parole case. 

As for the case, Avery quickly figured out that it had to be an unregistered driver who was using the Zogo network to be a serial killer. I really liked the storyline and how it was based on a lot of real issues that have come up with taxi apps, such as bad background check procedures, customer complaints and serious crimes that have been associated with these them. 

The topic was great, but there were was a problem with the serial killer's method. Why would the fake driver rely on the Zogo system to pick up passengers? Avery mentioned there were plenty of people who don't know how to spot an actual Zogo car, nor do they know the procedure. Richard also wouldn't have to know exactly where someone was going to be, he could just hit up nighttime hotspots. 

When he could no longer pose as a driver, Richard started going after actual drivers by pretending to be a passenger. Apparently murdering drivers or passengers s all the same to him, which I thought was the weakest part of the storyline considering he was doing this because his son was killed in a hit and run, followed by the Zogo driver fleeing the country. 

His revenge was misguided in taking the lives of innocent, unsuspecting passengers as payback for the death of an innocent. 

The Zogo driver (who was also innocent) was the smartest and most helpful victim ever and pointed out that speeding away from the cops would only attract more attention. 

We learned that Krumitiz' parents are dead and that he and his sister do not have the best relationship. He seems like a good guy and it was sad to see his face when Francine said that she couldn't testify. 

I thought by now I would be capable of forgiveness. That maturity would lessen the pain, but I was wrong.


A few bits:

  • The theme song played after a solid 14 minutes. 
  • CSI defined phishing for us.
  • Raven hacking into the traffic light system as a little farfetched.
  • The team all goes out for beer and shots! 

What did you think of this "Killer en Route"? Do you use these types or services or regular taxis? What did you think of what we learned about Krumitz? Did you think this episode was stronger than the last?

Hit the comments below to discuss the issues raised by the case and give your thoughts on this hour! 

If you haven't seen it yet, remember to watch CSI: Cyber online via TV Fanatic! 

Killer en Route Review

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