DIG Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Meet the Rosenbergs

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Oh Yussef, you really should have checked which episode you were in before you started killing people to get the 12th and final stone for the high priest's breastplate!

Don't you sometimes wish you could poke your fingers into the set and let the characters know those things? There wasn't a snowball's chance in hell Yussef was getting his fingers on the final stone in DIG Season 1 Episode 3. We aren't even certain who all the players are yet. Slow down fella!

DIG continues to be enjoyable merely for the sake it's different than everything else on TV right now and it's not taking itself too seriously. It reminds me a lot of State of Affairs. It's a lot more fun than anyone gave it credit for being. 

A Dead End - DIG

I'm still a little miffed that Peter really hasn't taken the time to dig into Emma's journal and read it cover to cover. To be fair, perhaps he has and they haven't shown him doing so. If someone thought we'd rather see him calling his wife (does anyone care about his relationship with her? I don't.), they miscalculated.

Peter's best leads so far have come from cursory glances at the journal, so that's one of the biggest plot holes at the moment. Then again, my sister got a new computer last week and it sat in the box for a few days. I don't know how people do that. My desires to poke around always overwhelm me to the point everything is opened and explored immediately. I thought Peter, being a detective, would be similar.

NOW are you skeeved out a littl bit about the nekkid dip in the pool and the kiss Peter and Emma shared, given the juxtaposition of Emma and Lynn in his mind while he was getting it on with Lynn? That's not the best way to honor a girl who reminds you of your daughter. Given the conversation with his wife, and subsequent gazing at Emma and fetal crying on the bed, he'd thinking of his daughter when he sees Emma. So, skeeved.

There wasn't enough Peter and Golan, but what there was hit the mark. Their Rosenberg brothers shtick was cute and the way Golan was making faces as if the guide was out of her mind talking about the Ark of the Covenant was funny. They work well together in spite of themselves. Peter has to let Golan in and stop working inside his own head.

Former drug addict Debbie got the guts to make a break for freedom with Joshua, but the entire town of Mountain Air, New Mexico appears to be in cahoots with Pastor Billingham. OK, just the police officer, but they did kill Josh 1.0 in broad daylight, too, so let's go with the town.

Billingham wasn't a part of the pow wow at the end. Is that because Debbie screwed things up or because he's not part of the gang? I think it's time we know exactly which parts of the puzzle are going to be used where, don't you?

By far, my favorite storyline continues to be the boy and his red heifer. There is something so utterly compelling about his faith in God and love for the animal that I can't help be choke up at his deep affection and concern. His faith must be so strong that he's alright knowing Red will be sacrificed because he will be with God. SOB.

I didn't have the benefit of seeing the previews tonight, so I'll be flying blind into the comments. What's in Croatia, I wonder, awaiting the boy and Red? Another member of the main group? 

Emma was so excited about the pot she sent to have analyzed. She was connecting it to the Ark of the Covenant and the breastplate, perhaps, and the sacrificial cow meant she was closer than she thought. Peter has to read that journal!

Did you catch any clues from "Meet the Rosenbergs" that might help clear things up? Hit the comments and share, and remember you can watch DIG online if you want a refresher.

Meet the Rosenbergs Review

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DIG Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: Numbers. Chapter 19.
Golan: What?
Peter: Tell the Israelites to bring a red heifer without defect or blemish and that has never been under yoke.
Golan: Heifer.
Peter: That's a cow.

You want food, we take cow. We can all eat steak tonight. Win win. [chuckles]