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Peter busts into the State dinner to let Lynn know Yussef is in the building. The Ambassador joins them and although Lynn pleads with him not to tell her, Peter shares. The Ambassador evacuates the building, knowing fully well it's empty. 

Peter finally gets a minute to look through Emma's book. It says "It's all about 19," and he starts to look it up on the internet when Lynn knocks on the door.

While they have sex, Peter continually imagines Emma in her place, juxtaposed with crime scene photos and visions of their night together in the caves.

Yussef receives a backpack in his very lovely accommodations. Inside is a suit.

The Hasidic boy with the red heifer is throwing up on the ship. The heifer hasn't eaten and the boy promises to get him some food.

In New Mexico, Pastor Billingham wants Debbie and the ugly chick to take Joshua into town to act like a normal boy. Ugly is angry at the idea, but Pastor is adamant.

Peter visits Emma's apartment to listen to her music and bask in her Emmaness and a package is delivered for her. It says you're onto something and to meet in person.

Joshua is riding like a puppy with his head hanging out of the window.

Yussef is at a house overlooking the sea, appearing to feign interest in antiquities in order to get close to the 12th stone. He cleans up nicely.

Peter and Golan are at the Science and Antiquities Group, the name on the letter Peter found in her apartment. She had sent a sample to them to test. The guy wanted to help her because she seemed really scared. The substance was found on a clay pot. It was an organic substance, from a cow. 

The heifer is crying out in hunger. The boy is asking for help. He gave the crew all of their money. They want his cow and they can eat steak tonight.

At the ice cream shop, Debbie climbs out of a window and calls Charlie. He hasn't heard from her in three years. She was a drug user in the past. She needs money to get out. She's scared. She's in Mountain Air, New Mexico. As the ugly woman heads to the bathroom, Debbi must climb back in because she's in the toilet when she gets back. Debbie clocks her one and more, breaks the sink and grabs Josh leaves to find a police officer.

Peter and Golan eat lunch. Peter recognizes a cafe and heads up. The number on a building across the street is 19 in Hebrew. Peter rushes over. They are greeted as the Rosenbergs, and the guide takes them on a tour that includes discussion about the breast plate and the Ark of the Covenant.

Rabbi Lev finds Peter as he's looking about and Peter craftily shows him a photo of Emma. Golan gets pissed that Peter is keeping things from him again.

The boy is frustrated and upset on the ship. He takes out the gun from the man and points it at the crew. He's still kind, "Food, please." The guy kicks him in the gut and takes the gun.

Peter takes Golan back to his room to find it ransacked. While Golan and Peter are wrestling on the bed like children, the guard from the heritage center walks in. He's a secret service officer who was undercover for 18 months. He says Emma was ever in the place. He warns them to stay away.

Debbie is ready to sign a statement about everything. The police officer has a strange look on his face. 

Yussef is in a gay bar. He finds the hot guy from the house with the antiquities. They go out to the car and Yussef kills him to get his keys. They Yussef says a prayer about being white as snow.

On the ship, the guy who took the gun brings him food. It's not cow food, but the boy gives it to the heifer anyway. He thanks God for providing and says he's sorry for doubting.

Peter wakes up in a cold sweat, Lynn beside him, and calls his wife. He wants to talk about his daughter. His wife says her therapist doesn't think she should talk to him anymore because it's not good for her.

At the police station, the officer brings in Pastor Billingham. He's one of them. Joshua was in on it.

Yussef has the stone. It's a fake.

The Ambassador, the Rabbi from the center and Emma's professor meet. The Rabbi is concerned about the FBI agent. She'll take care of him, the Ambassador says. Meanwhile, Peter is sobbing on his bad after talking with his wife.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: Numbers. Chapter 19.
Golan: What?
Peter: Tell the Israelites to bring a red heifer without defect or blemish and that has never been under yoke.
Golan: Heifer.
Peter: That's a cow.

You want food, we take cow. We can all eat steak tonight. Win win. [chuckles]