Elementary Season 3 Episode 16 Review: For All You Know

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Sherlock faced old demons on Elementary Season 3 Episode 16 after he was accused of murder.

Murder isn't something a man like Sherlock (or anyone) would forget under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, this murder occurred when he was self-medicating with heroin, and he couldn't offer any alibi or explanation as to why he had arranged a meeting with the victim. 

His lost memories never mattered before, since they were from a time he didn't want to remember. Now he needed those memories and his beautiful mind was failing him.

This was one of the best episodes of Elementary this season as we got to see another side of Sherlock. No longer arrogant and cocky, but a Sherlock full of doubt and self-recrimination. 

Sherlock thought it was normal consultation when he went into the precinct, although it was pretty clear the visiting detectives were a little too interested in how he deduced the victim's profession. And not the "you're a great detective" adulation he normally receives, but more along the lines of confirming their suspicions of his guilt. 

This is not a consultation. This is an interrogation.


Thankfully, Sherlock has good friends. No, he has great friends. Friends who believe in him, even when he isn't completely confident in his own innocence.

The unfortunate truth is, however improbable certain things may be in respect to this crime, nothing is impossible.


This was a tough time for Sherlock. At first blush, it seemed as though he was really worried he may have done the unthinkable in a drug-induced state. But later, it become clear there was something else weighing on him. 

Let's adhere to our sunniest theory, shall we? My note to Maria Gutierrez was not an invitation to murder, but an agreement to lend my help as a detective. What if she knew she was in danger? What if I missed something my sober self would have observed in an instant that might have saved her life? Would you still consider my hands blood-free?


It was a real possibility that she died because he was too drugged out to help her, and he did have figurative blood on his hands. Something all detectives face at one time or another, even the great Sherlock Holmes. 

His guilt manifested itself in some interesting ways. The scene with the victim's brother, Prentice, was tense and heartbreaking. On one hand, you knew Sherlock baiting Prentice to hit him with one of his tools was a gambit, and at the same time, Sherlock would have accepted some hits as his atonement.  

The culprit was easy to figure out because this episode wasn't so much about finding the bad guy, but Sherlock facing his past and the part of him he hated. My only one quibble is that the anonymous witness must have made quite the impression on the detectives, which we didn't get to see.

As far as we know, he had nothing to do with the real murders. His boss had reason to play along with Councilman Barclay, but we don't know the witness's motivation. And frankly, if I was the DA who would eventually go up against Sherlock in court, I would make sure my witness was solid. I'm being picky; I know. They needed a witness because Sherlock needed to get arrested. I accept that.

Sherlock: You don't know him. You never met him.
Watson: So now you're Dr. Jekyll and he's Mr. Hyde?

Thank goodness for Joan as she never wavered in her confidence of his innocence. She didn't know Sherlock when he was using, but he believed himself to be a very different person back then as he sat contemplating his picture on the suspect wall.

Sherlock did figure out who killed Maria, although the guilt still lingered. He did some things right by her as she was hiding in a motel where he stashes clients in imminent danger. But he also forgot about her too. 

Her real blood wasn't on his hands, but one could definitely argue that his hands were figuratively stained with her blood. She made the choice to meet with her killer because he held out an enticement to good for her to ignore, which was not Sherlock's fault. But forgetting about her will be harder for him to forgive and forget.

Knowing Sherlock, it must also make him wonder how many other people he promised to help but forgot. It will be interesting to see if Sherlock continues to carry this weight or if it is quickly forgotten. I certainly hope not because these are the things that make Sherlock who he is.

He knew he had to make reparations with Oscar because they were both guilty in bringing out the worst in each other. His arranging a rehab stay was his amends, but he also expects Oscar to make reparations too.

Interestingly enough, Oscar threw it back in his face. Was it because he wasn't ready to get clean? Jealously? Or did he sense that craving for drugs still existed in Sherlock? All are possible. Sherlock has been tempted many times to relapse but always held out. Could there be a time come when he can't? 

All I do know is that Sherlock has friends who will see him through it if he ever stumbles.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you surprised to learn about Sherlock's black outs? Do you think he is headed towards a relapse? Don't forget you can watch Elementary online via TV Fanatic at your convenience. 

For All You Know Review

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Elementary Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

The unfortunate truth is, however improbable certain things may be in respect to this crime, nothing is impossible.


This is not a consultation. This is an interrogation.