Grimm Round Table: He's a Zauberbiest, Not a Hexenbiest!

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After Juliette revealed her Hexenbiest transformation to Nick and Adalind discovered her very unexpected pregnancy, both the characters and the viewers were still reeling.

While Juliette invited herself into Renard's home, Adalind came up with a plan and Nick investigated a murder involving a very unusual sort of Wesen.

Join in the conversation as Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Robin Harry, Allison Wolf, and Kathleen Wiedel examine some of the many issues in Grimm Season 4 Episode 15. Add your own thoughts in the comments section below!

Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of our heroes' resolution to the Case of the Week, when they trapped the Hunta Lami Muuaji in its male form?

Doug: The only thing I could think of was: how long does is that hormone therapy supposed to last? And how do Nick and company inform the prison that he needs to be kept on it, with regular doses? It seemed like a huge plot hole to me. It would have been better for Nick to have lopped his head off – the guy/girl is dangerous.

Robin: I'm with Monroe on this; I understood the need, but trapping someone in one of their personalities without their consent or understanding was unethical. That said, what bothered me most about it wasn't just the ethics, but how flippant and dismissive Hank and Nick were when Linus was distressed about losing Stacy after what they did. It seemed callous.

Allison: I understand why they did it, and it is more preferable than killing them both, but it was cruel. Linus talking about how he couldn't find Stacy broke my heart. I am not familiar enough with hormone treatments to be able to guess at how long it would last, but from how Linus talked about it, it seemed like the treatment essentially killed Stacy.

Unless it just suppressed her down deep enough to where Linus couldn't find her, but I'm more inclined to believe that Stacy will never be found again.

Kathleen: I agree with Doug that there's a practical problem with the hormone therapy in the long run. I think that the fact that it's probably not permanent lessens the moral quandary at some level; it's not like the protagonist had a lot of options here. That said, they did gloss over the morality of it a bit. 

Renard remarked in exasperation that he's a Zauberbiest, not a Hexenbiest, and that there's a difference between the two. Any thoughts on what he might mean by that?

Doug: Outside of the difference in the blood, I have no idea.

Robin: If I remember correctly, a Hexenbiest is female, and a Zauberbiest is male. Could be there are some inherent differences based on their biological gender. Could also be Renard just hates being called a girl.

Allison: I'm not sure, but there is obviously a difference in power and blood. I don't know enough about Wesen mating, but maybe to be a born a Hexenbiest, both your parents have to be Hexenbiests. I don't think Renard's father is a Hexenbiest, but his mom clearly is. I could use a refresher on all of this, honestly.

Kathleen: I love Robin's response! I'd hate being repeatedly called a girl, too, if I were a guy! Anyway, it would be interesting to meet another Zauberbiest so we could compare him to Renard. Renard, we know doesn't seem to have much, if anything, in the way of sorcerous ability, but we really can't say if that's Zaubers in general or just him.

Part of the problem here is that we really don't know much at all about Zaubers, for a few reasons: 1) Our sample size so far is one. 2) Renard is half Royal. 3) Renard isn't exactly chatty about his heritage.

What did you think of Adalind and her big plan to deal with her unexpected pregnancy?

Doug: She seemed so horrified at the thought of being pregnant that it surprises me she didn't consider ending her pregnancy. Instead her first thought is that she has to find a man to sleep with, pronto. What's up with that? And what if she ends up bedding the King? Is she supposed to pretend that their supposed progeny is all Wesen? What if the baby is pure Grimm? What happens then? They'll be able to figure that out almost immediately - or as soon as the baby looks at one them, mid-woge.

Robin: That whole thing was just ridiculous. That was the best they could do? Get Adalind to sleep with someone to make this even more of a soap-opera? This storyline is irritating me to no end.

Allison: Adalind wanted an alibi for the Royals, most likely, because they know who she has slept with recently, and it's Nick. She is trying to buy herself time with the Royals. Adalind already told Renard that she knows she is only useful to the Royals until her baby is found, after that, she is disposable. Odds are, the baby won't become a Grimm for awhile. I can't remember what prompts the change.

Kathleen: Doug brings up an interesting point in that Adalind didn't even momentarily suggest terminating the pregnancy. It is curious that a power-hungry, ruthless witch like Adalind apparently won't go there, even in her own thoughts. Though her knee-jerk plan to sleep with someone to obscure the child's paternity is ultimately full of holes (come on, how much do paternity tests cost these days?), it was typical Adalind.

As Renard pointed out, Juliette is at an important moment, where how she decides to handle her new-found powers will decide who she is. Any thoughts on this?

Doug: I think they're building her to be a major force in the Wesen world. It would be a prime opportunity for the writers to make her a bitter and angry foe for Nick. We could see her exiting from the show, perhaps.

Robin: I'm rooting for her and Nick, actually. Team Grimm could use a Hexenbiest on their side, and they've been through so much together. I'm hoping she uses those powers for good – and I hope they're used to deal with some of the mythology that we haven't dealt with in a while. Keys, coins, Resistance, etc.

Allison: Juliette should be crashing with Henrietta, assuming she would be up for teaching Juliette how to be a Hexenbiest. Juliette needs someone to walk her through it all because she can't just magically know everything and how to handle her powers. This has been one of the more exciting things to happen to Juliette, and I'm excited to see where it leads her.

Kathleen: Robin, I think you and I are on the same page. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I really want Nick and Juliette to work out. And there are just so many possibilities if you have a Grimm and a Hexenbiest standing hand-in-hand against the world. The idea of a Grimm marrying any sort of Wesen seems shocking to the Wesen world, and Hexens are considered mortal enemies of the Grimms! Just imagine the looks on the faces of all the various factions when they learn the news...!

What about Renard's father, King Frederick, making a surprise appearance in Portland to send Prince Viktor back home?

Doug: I think the only purpose for his appearance is be a mate for Adalind. That's it. There are a lot of possibilities here: once he finds out his supposed offspring is a Grimm, it may change his mind about Grimms completely. Or it may make him into an even bigger opponent of Nick.

Robin: I agree with Doug, and that made his appearance disappointing. I would have at least liked to see him face off with Viktor. Viktor deserved a better send-off than off-camera!

Allison: I feel like he was a plausible way to have Viktor leave Portland. I'm not sure if Viktor had to leave because the actor, Alexis Denisof, is also on an MTV show called Finding Carter, or if there was another reason why he needed to leave Portland. I don't think King Frederick will be staying long, as he said, he is sending in another Royal to keep an eye on Adalind.

Kathleen: Yeah, it was rather abrupt the way Viktor was booted. It also was rather odd that King Frederick would troop in person all the way to Portland to retrieve his nephew. I would be very curious to learn more about Frederick, because it's clear that he loves Renard.

What was your favorite scene or quote from this episode?

Doug: I loved it when Rosalee glanced sideways at Monroe when he mentioned how gorgeous Stacy was, and then later on grilled him about it.

Robin: Besides shirtless Renard at the doctor's office? Everything about Monroe and Rosalee. I especially loved Monroe's literature joke: "Olive or Twist, I love that place! Though the prices will scare the Dickens out of you." I laughed WAY too hard at that.

Allison: I loved Renard going to the spice shop. Anytime Nick's worlds collide and he's not there it's a lot of fun to watch. I hope to see more of Renard interacting with Rosalee and Monroe.

Kathleen: My favorite moment was when Renard griped about being a Zauberbiest, not a Hexenbiest! We don't often see Renard irritated, so that was a lot of fun.

Anything not work for you?

Doug: There were a number of problems. One I've already mentioned – the need for continual testosterone treatment for Linus. Another is the idea of Juliette showing up at Renard's place, asking to stay with him. To their credit, the writers at least got Renard to acknowledge the problem with this – and how it might rile Nick. (He didn't put it in those words but we all knew what he meant).

Robin: The only things I loved about this episode were Renard's anxieties and Monroe/Rosalee's general existence. The resolution of the case bothered me, and Juliette's entitlement and petulance with Renard really got on my nerves.

Allison: I figured out the Linus/Stacy thing pretty quickly, so I didn't really enjoy waiting for everyone else to figure that out. I would have rather spent more time with Nick, Hank, and Wu solving the case than following around Linus and Stacy.

Kathleen: The way Viktor was booted back to Vienna pretty much off-screen just bugged me. I suspect that Alexis Denisof wasn't available to film a scene, but it still rankled. Too bad.

NOTE: Grimm Season 4 Episode 16, "Heartbreaker," airs April 3 at 8/7c on NBC.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Juliette: Is there *anything* comforting in all of this?!
Renard: Well, you do have abilities that defy explanation. How you learn to use them will determine what you become. You're more than I'll ever be. The way this happened to you, you're one of a kind. Now, I don't know what that means ultimately.
Juliette: So, what you're saying is I'm going to have to wing it.
Renard: Don't we all.

Juliette: Why can't you do it again? Aren't you half Hexenbiest?
Renard: Why does everyone keep making that mistake?! I am not a Hexenbiest, I'm a Zauberbiest. There's a difference.