17 Happily Married Couples

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Love, marriage, the whole enchilada. Check out these happily married couples currently on TV.

1. Rick and Kate - Castle

They started out as the tough-as-nails detective and her annoying shadow. Seven seasons later they are one of the happiest married couples on TV. Equal measures sexy, sweet and funny, it's hard to imagine that these two won’t be together, always.

2. Monroe and Rosalee - Grimm

Monroe and Rosalee may be two completely different species (he's a wolf-like Blutbad, she's a foxy Fuchsbau), but their love for each other is undeniable. Brought together by tragic circumstances, they defied cultural expectations by falling in love, and they eventually wed. Despite hostility to their relationship by those who consider an inter-racial marriage like theirs to be scandalous, or practically heretical, Monroe and Rosalee remain deeply devoted to each other.

3. Howard and Bernadette - The Big Bang Theory

Before Howard met Bernadette, he was immature, still lived with his mom, and was honestly pretty creepy. Since they've been together, he's grown up significantly and the two of them have become one of the cutest and funniest couples on TV. The adorable song he wrote for her for the anniversary of their first date still gets me choked up every time I hear it. 

4. Jay and Gloria - Modern Family

Those on the outside may look at Gloria as the trophy wife but she and Jay are so much more. She keeps him young. He gives her the love and security she never had. Together they've found a happy marriage and a very modern family with lots of laughs.

5. Jackson and April - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and April have an amazing love story. Who didn't burst into tears when Jackson objected at April's wedding and swooped in to win her heart? The two have been through their share of challenges, and the recent loss of their child is one of the most tragic things we've seen on the show. Hopefully, that tragedy won't drive a wedge between them.

6. Diane Lockhart and Kurt McVeigh - The Good Wife

What makes Diane and Kurt so spectacular is that they are polar opposites in so many ways, but they know better than to let those differences define them. Instead, they allow their differences to enhance their relationship and they grow as a result. They're one of my favorite couples on TV.

7. Homer and Marge - The Simpsons

These two may seem an odd match on paper, and it's true that Marge probably deserves better than the dimwitted Homer, but they've loved and supported one another through thick and thin for twenty-six seasons. Their love has survived unsupportive family members, affair opportunities, and more idiotic mistakes (on Homer's part) than anyone could count. It wouldn't be hard to argue that they're one of the greatest TV couples of all time.

8. Elizabeth and Henry - Madam Secretary

He's a college professor. She's a former CIA agent turned Secretary of State. Despite demanding careers and raising three challenging teenagers, Elizabeth and Henry still manage to make one another a priority.

9. David and Mary Margaret - Once Upon a Time

They're love has survived through multiple realities, time shifts and evil villains. They've even proved that True Love's kiss can break a curse. Whether they go by David and Mary Margaret or Prince Charming and Snow White, these two embody the true meaning of happily ever after.

10. Claire and Phil - Modern Family

Phil's the goofball. Claire's the control freak. Together they find just the right balance and make the perfect team. Add in three kids and a large extended family and you'll find that even after the all these years, they're still happy to have each other.

11. Jake and Ellie - NCIS

We were beginning to wonder about Bishop’s mysterious husband who was no where to be found on screen during her first season on NCIS. But once he appeared there was no doubt about how happy these two seem to be. From couples yoga to nights out with her colleagues, they've definitely made their marriage a top priority.

12. Seeley and Temperance

Booth and Brennan had a rough beginning but starting a family and getting married has made them happier than we’ve seen either of the separately in years.

13. Linda and Danny - Blue Bloods

Danny and Linda probably have one of the most realistic marriages on TV. They stress over money and the kids and not spending enough time with one another. Yet, beneath it all the love is still there, they just have to make the time for it some days.

14. Cam and Mitch - Modern Family

They were already a great couple and great parents to daughter Lilly before they ever got married. So we were thrilled to see Cam and Mitch finally tie the knot and make it official last season. Their acceptance of one another’s quirks makes their marriage even stronger.

15. Teresa and Patrick - The Mentalist

In the beginning their relationship was strictly professional. She was on the case of serial killer Red John. He was the consultant whose wife and daughter Red John had brutally murdered. It hardly seemed like the start of a great romance. Yet after years of working together, love found a way and eventually led to marriage. We have little doubt that Patrick and Teresa (and baby on the way) have found their happily ever after.

16. John and Kathryn - Switched at Birth

John and Kathryn are arguably one of the happiest couples on TV. Finding out their daughter was switched at birth, being a support system for their kids and career changes -- they've always managed to make it work thanks to open communication and mutual respect for one another.

17. Hodgins and Angela

She's an artist with a famous musician father. He's the scientist and conspiracy theorist who grew up rich. Now they're a happily married couple with a son who go to work together at the Jeffersonian in order to put murderers behind bars.

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