Justified Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Fugitive Number One

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There might just be a last man or woman standing by the time Justified ends.

The clock is definitely winding down on the series and for many characters, as well. But who knew there would be so many more deaths in Justified Season 6 Episode 11?

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if more characters met their early graves in the next episode… at least someone like Boon has to soon, right?

A Career in Crisis - Justified

As Avery’s attack dog, Boon is proving to be a quirky, entertaining, and dangerous threat. We saw what he did to the guy in the diner over a hat, but he’s itching to take on Raylan.

That standoff scene when Raylan entered the Portal to speak with Avery was tense and exhilarating. And no bullets were even fired!

Just seeing the two "cowboys'" hands on their holsters, eyeing each other up has me looking forward to when those two do finally face off. Raylan will hopefully wipe that smirk and hat right off Boon.

But the whole sequence in the RV with Katherine, Wynn and Mikey (don’t call him that) was definitely a standout for the hour.

Mikey going from pissed at his boss and selling him out to Katherine, to listening to her speech about the principle of the situation, and then telling her he’d have to come after her if she killed him was fantastic. It was a brutal face off as she plugged multiple bullets into Mikey, and he just kept throwing her around to protect his boss before a crunching death blow – all set to classical music.

Will Wynn choose to avenge Mikey’s death? He definitely could have ignored him as he lay dying, but Wynn chose to hold him. Clearly those two had a strong bond and friendship after all the things they had been through together.

Boyd, however, looks to be getting rid of all his ties after killing off his friend in the hospital before a quick flip of the hat. I didn’t see that coming (maybe I should have), but does that mean that Ava’s (technically) second time betraying him will be her last?

Will Boyd kill her?

Everything seems to be falling apart for the U.S. Marshals, putting Raylan in the hot seat. And rather than head back to Lexington on Art’s orders, he’s going after Ava and Boyd. But Art might be soon coming after him. Jobs are definitely on the line, and the once seemingly simple task of getting Boyd has completely unraveled.

In fact, it seems as if many of the character' plans are falling apart.

It now really seems less and less likely that Justified Season 6 will find a happy ending, and I’m nervous and excited to see who will be left when the final dust settles.

Did you think Raylan was going to shoot Boon? Were you shocked at all the deaths this episode? Watch Justified online to see every exciting moment, and let us know what you thought of the hour!

Fugitive Number One Review

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