Reign Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Tempting Fate

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Tempting Fate.

The title of  Reign Season 2 Episode 17 is aptly named as the showrunners are truly tempting fate in thinking that their viewers will continue to watch. Had you told me back in season one that I would detest Queen Mary and adore Catherine I would've checked to see if you were indulging in Marie de Guise's hinky herbs.

Numb. Dumbfounded. Betrayed. Appalled. Distraught. That's how I'm left feeing, as I'm sure many of you are. Let's break down the crumbling walls of the castle, starting with the good and working our way to the worst.

Being Unfaithful - Reign

I love that Leith is willing to go to great lengths to make Greer his wife. I fear he just got himself waaay over his head being assigned to Claude and in asking that evil eminence for help. Any man of God who says the things he does is one to be seriously wary of. 

As far as sayonara's go, Bash's and Kenna's was short and sweet. His offering her the protection of his name until she finds herself a powerful enough man to make her feel safe was a true indicator of the quality person he is. 

And now I am lying for you, lying even to my brother, protecting you as you take comfort in the arms of another.


The agony in Francis' voice when he told Mary that his mother knew of her infidelity gutted me. Here he tells her that he's lied to every member of his family and continues to protect her for her happiness and she does nothing but whine a measly apology. Why the bloody hell can she not see that her selfishness is killing him? And if she does see it, why doesn't she care? I just, I can't....

When Conde finally confessed to Mary that he'd been working both sides, I thought she might finally snap back to her senses. She called him out on the fact that he didn't trust her, that he was protecting himself at every turn. The man is squirrelly as all get out, couldn't even look her in the eye, and finally she was seeing it. Yes!

I opened my heart to a liar.


A part of me even felt bad for her because she'd considered him to be her salvation after her assault and here she was finding out how false he was. Surely, she'd look at Francis with new eyes now. Ha!

I adored Lola and her pep talk to Mary. That's the kind of best friend everyone should have. She reminded Mary of the kind of strength she's always possessed. You could see it visibly have an affect on the Queen. I got teary, I cheered on the inside and then Lola blew it.

But you have to know, that no matter your choices, you still have a husband who would do anything to make you happy.


Why oh why did she tell Mary to forgive Conde and take him along? Sigh. Lola, you were my hero until that moment and now I'm peeved at you too.

We had to know that Bash would get hurt sometime and end up in the healer's hands. I'm just afraid the cost of his life, might be his brother's. At the very least, he will think it was. 

One nice thing to come from Lola's chat was seeing Mary step back into her power when she threatened Burgess. One bad thing to come from Lola's chat was seeing Mary step into Conde's bed.

I will spill blood to defend what's mine.


When Mary said, "I will spill blood to defend what's mine," I never imagined it would be Francis' blood. But shed it she has. She has defended her needs, her happiness, her life with no regard for his.

I want her to be empowered, to reclaim herself after her awful assault. She needs to feel safe, to feel whole, to feel happy. But Francis was not the man who raped her and yet in some ways she's treated him as though he did. 

Yes, his poor judgment left her vulnerable and that's what led to her being attacked, but does that mean she should show him no regard for the love they shared before, for the sacrifices he's made, for his unyielding loyalty, for his selflessness, for his pain? It's maddening.

One thing caught me greatly off guard and that was Catherine's defense of Mary. She actually has grown to love her daughter-in-law and she may lose her son because of her.   

Seeing Francis, ears bleeding, made my stomach sink. If the show is going to veer from reality it'll have to do it now as the real Francis died from an ear infection. Considering the current trajectory of the show, I'm not holding my breath. 

If you missed the tragic turn of events, watch Reign online

Not sure how much more I can take. Hearing Catherine say, "I never imagined that you would kill him by breaking his heart," in next week's preview is almost too much to bear 

Is your heart still in it? Do you think Francis is dying because of Mary or Bash? If Francis does die what will you do? 

Tempting Fate Review

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Reign Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I opened my heart to a liar.


And now I am lying for you, lying even to my brother, protecting you as you take comfort in the arms of another.