Revenge Round Table: Has Margaux Gone Too Far?

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Natalie Waters got schooled by Victoria Grayson, Louise’s brother took a fall and Margaux may have found Emily’s one true weakness on Revenge Season 4 Episode 16

Our TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Paul Dailly, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda debate why everyone wants to protect Emily, if they miss Conrad Grayson and whether Margaux has gone too far after “Retaliation”

Revenge Round Table 1-27-15

What is it about Emily that makes her friends want to protect her secrets?

Miranda: If I had a dollar for every time I've asked myself this question... 

Paul: I don't understand it. Why are they still protecting her when it's putting them in the firing line. I think it's become a part of their lives that they need to protect her, but what does she offer them in return? Sure, she loves a good take down, but something's got to give. Her friends need to forge a path away from her, or they are going to end up in the same hot water as Jack.

Ashley: It almost feels like they can't help themselves – like she's an addiction. Maybe even more than that, they don't know what life is like without being part of her drama, kind of like what Paul is saying. And, I think they love her. Love makes people do crazy things.

Laura: I think they are part addicted to Emily and they actually love her...All of them...Jack, Nolan, Louise and Ben even. I think its becomes a part of who they are when they are around her. 

Christine: Love. It’s the only thing that makes any sense. Nolan loves her like a sister. Jack’s been in love with her since he was a kid. Louise is desperate to feel a part of their little group (and she’s a little crazy all on her own). As for Ben, hard to say. I think he’s just gotten sucked in to it all. 

Should Louise have told Nolan the truth about what happened to Lyman?

Miranda: She absolutely should have. I know what I think she's going to try to do, but clue Nolan in, you know? Let's get a plausible thing working here. We already know Ems knows how to make a murder/manslaughter look accidental. 

Paul: Yes. I don't get why she wouldn't have told him. She is harboring some secrets about him and Emily after all. It would have made more sense if she broke down and came clean to him. Nolan would protect her.

Ashley: For crying out loud, yes! I was so surprised when she didn't. If there's anyone she should have told, it's Nolan. 

Laura: I agree with Paul, Louise should have told Nolan about Lyman of course she didn't have time to tell anyone about the flash drive and protecting Nolan is how Lyman was killed. Hopefully she will let him know everything.

Christine: She should have but I kind of understand why she didn’t. She was just accused of killing her father. She obviously has real feelings for Nolan and I think she’s probably scared he’ll think she’s too much trouble and leave her. The sad fact is, the opposite is probably true. Covering up Lyman’s death could have brought the even closer together. 

Did you ever expect Margaux to be so heartless as to set Jack up?

Miranda: Not in a million years! Like I said in the review, MARGAUX IS DEAD TO ME. 

Paul: Not in a million years. She has went too far this time and she is going to wind up dead. Emily won't take too kindly to her treatment of Jack, so her days are numbered. 

Ashley: Not really, but I'm also not entirely surprised. She's proving to be more heartless than Victoria. By the way, I cried my eyes out when they took Carl away from Jack – such a heartbreaking scene.

Laura: No and yes...Margaux is on a mission of stupidity! I mean how heartless to put Jack and Carl in that position. Too bad Margaux forgot one cardinal rule about Karma, its a Bitch and soon she will find out exactly how big and bad Karma can be...or so I hope!

Christine: Laura, if by Karma you mean Emily Thorne, you’re absolutely right. She’s going to come down hard on Margaux and I don’t blame her. I get wanting to take down Emily but to do that to Jack and his son was simply cruel. 

Do you miss Conrad Grayson?

Miranda: You know, I never thought I'd say this, but yes. We've mentioned him so much in the past couple of episodes that I half expect he's going to pop up soon. 

Paul: Nope. His time came and went. At this stage the show should be leaving the Graysons behind and move forward to a fresh storyline. 

Ashley: Not a bit. It's not that I didn't like him has a character, but I don't see his relevance anymore.

Laura: Sometimes I think I do. Conrad had a way of good comebacks, charm and just the right amount of monster to make you both hate him and love him! 

Christine: I do. Conrad had a certain villainous spark that feels lacking on the show right now. And as Miranda mentioned, they’ve said his name several times lately which makes me wonder if he’s not quite as dead as we think.

Was there anything about “Retaliation” that you found disappointing?

Miranda: Pretty much most of it until the last 10 minutes was straight filler. I'm so confused by Nolan and Louise. Jack was an idiot for not going to Nolan for a job in the first place. And Ben's "deep, dark secret" was...not really that terrible. So he's the reason his ex-wife went into hiding because he called the cops!? What did she expect would happen? 

Paul: I found Natalie's take down disappointing. It was over and done with in a matter of minutes. It should have lasted at least 10 minutes!

Ashley: I agree with Miranda that most of the episode was filler. Ben's story line seemed pointless, and I don't care about Victoria's new rival, either. 

Laura: I was waiting to SEE the red sharpie not hear Nolan talk about it...LOL:)

Christine: The Natalie Waters storyline. So that’s it? I realized she was going to set up David when she asked for the aspirin but then Victoria took her down just minutes later. That seemed like a waste of talent. 

What was your favorite quote or scene? 

Miranda: Nolan's "you gotta give yourself 15 minutes extra" when planning and carrying out a revenge plot. Loved it! 

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be Emily posing as April in the diner. Margaux's goon looked so shocked. 

Ashley: When Ben and Emily are driving back home, Ben asks Emily who her weak spot is – her first love. Even though she says his name for a different reason (because she sees he is in trouble) the name she says is Jack's. I think that was a significant moment.

Laura: Ben getting slapped on the face! and Margaux finding out the birth certificate was a fake!

Christine: Nolan’s line was my favorite too, and I think it was, “Betrayal. You’ve always got to give yourself an extra 15 minutes.” 

Check back with us this Sunday for our review of Revenge Season 4 Episode 17 and if you can’t wait until then, you can always watch Revenge online now, right here at TV Fanatic. 

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Mmm, betrayal. You always gotta give yourself an extra 15 minutes.


Emily: He barely knows her.
Jack: I thought that's what dating was for. To get to know someone.