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As Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 begins, Victoria and Lyman leave court and Victoria tells him to leave town. She's displeased with his performance in court since she lost. Natalie invites Victoria to the annual Fourth of July party in the Hamptons, a party Victoria has previously thrown.

Emily visits David on his new ketch to ask why he's seeing another Grayson and accepting gifts from her. Jack is there helping him fix the boat. Things are awkward between the two.

Nolan and Louise get couples massages and discuss Emily and Ben. Nolan thought she would have moved toward Jack and Louise tells him to trust his friend. She sees something in Ben and that's enough reason to get to know him.

Ben meets with Margaux to demand proof that she's found his ex-wife. She shows him video and then asks him for proof that Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke. He provides it, reluctantly, and learns that Margaux intends to expose Emily.

Nolan and Emily meet in the pool house to examine footage of Ben's meeting with Margaux. He's working with Nolan and Emily to protect his ex-wife and against his blackmailer. His ex-wife is hiding from the man she met after she and Ben separated. Emily lets Ben go to take care of his own business and Nolan suggests she follow along.

Margaux gives Victoria information about Natalie. Margaux still plans to move forward with her plan to take Emily down and Victoria says they're just alike.

Jack struggles to balance his parental responsibilities with his new job as a barback at one of Nolan's rivals. Lyman turns to Louise and feeds her a line about how she's the only connection he has. She lets him in.

Ben finds Emily on the road on the way to save April and she informs him that she's coming because she's better at high stakes Chess games than he is. Margaux learns that the birth certificate Ben gave her is a fake and tells her PI to reveal April's location to the man who's trying to find her.

Natalie convinces David to go to the Fourth of July party despite the fact that he hates them. She says she hates them too but she's going anyway because that's what Teddy wanted for her. After she leaves, Victoria knocks on his door. She wants to warn him that Natalie is using him and planning to move to California. He acts like he doesn't believe her.

Ben and Emily sit outside the diner where his ex-wife works. While Emily sleeps, Ben goes inside.

Jack has breakfast with Nolan and Louise and Nolan offers him a job at the club. Jack declines the offer and then Nolan sweetens the deal by deciding to turn one of the empty rooms into a daycare. Jack can work when he wants and see his son more. Jack accepts.

Emily walks into the diner just as April slaps Ben in the face. She didn't want Ben's help and blames him for the fact that she had to uproot her life and run away.

Nolan and Louise fight about Lyman staying with them.

David helps Natalie get ready for her party and when she asks him to get aspirin out of her purse he finds a watch. He tosses the aspirin to her and she catches it, calling into question her claim that she's a klutz.

Nolan talks to Jack about his marital spat with Louise. Nolan wants to be married to Louise and be attractive to others.

Natalie is asked about David on the red carpet at her party and she tells a story about how David is present sometimes and absent at others. The reporter asks if she's scared of him and she says no. Victoria overhears the whole thing.

Louise and Lyman talk and he plays the role of good brother. She wonders why Nolan can't see that side of her.

Wes Perkins shows up to the bar where April works and finds that Ben and Emily have planned a sting. They fight him off and arrest him.

Nolan tells Jack that Ben and Emily thwarted Margaux's latest attempts to rattle them and Jack wishes Ben were the one who got punched. On the deck, Margaux approaches Lyman and Lyman gives her the keys to Nolan's house. She has him on retainer. When he completes his job, he'll get the rest of his money.

Natalie lures David into a room at the club and rips her dress, then begins shouting that David is attacking her. She reveals that she was once Conrad's lover, and he was intent on making her the new Mrs. Grayson before he died. When Conrad was left with nothing, she seduced and starved Conrad's father to coerce him into leaving her the estate. Victoria overheard everything and recorded the conversation. She expects Natalie will sign everything over to her.

Louise walks in on Lyman downloading information from Nolan's computer. The two scuffle and Lyman falls off a cliff by the pool.

At the yacht club, David thanks Victoria for saving him. 

Jack is pulled over for drunk driving on his way to take Carl to see the fireworks. Margaux was behind the stop. 

Nolan tells Louise that Lyman is welcome to stay and she tells Nolan that Lyman is in the guest room, passed out drunk. She's staring intently at the fire. 

Ben and Emily drive by as Jack is being arrested and Carl is being taken by the police, just after she's admitted that Jack is her weak spot.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Mmm, betrayal. You always gotta give yourself an extra 15 minutes.


Emily: He barely knows her.
Jack: I thought that's what dating was for. To get to know someone.