Scandal Round Table: A Vote for Susan Ross?

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Olivia Pope is back in action after Scandal Season 4 Episode 15 saw her helping Rose find closure regarding Lois' death and disappearance.

She was lobbed a softball case and she took it, not expecting that doing so would bring her back to OPA. 

How did the TV Fanatic Scandal Round Table panel feel about Olivia's return to the fold? Join Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as they break down the latest episode. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "The Testimony of Diego Munoz?"

Christine:  Prepping Susan Ross turned out to be way more fun than I ever expected and I loved how Abby became her champion. The only thing I’m not sure about is the pairing of Abby and Leo. I’m still rooting for Abby and David to get back together.

Jim: I'm going against the grain, or at least opposite of Christine. I adored seeing Abby and Leo together at the end when she explained that she had fired him and if he couldn't deal with it then fine and then he kissed her. She and Leo make a cute couple, and they are very alike sometimes. And while there are David/Abby shippers out there (coughChristine​cough), I'm glad that Abby has found someone outside the OPA bubble that makes her happy.  

Miranda: I also love Abby and Leo together and I actually chuckled when he took out his teeth whitening tray to argue with her. I'll give the favorite scene award to Susan Ross being interviewed. Her candor and answers made her a viable opponent for Mellie, which means Mellie has no idea what she's done.

What was your LEAST favorite scene?

Christine:  It wasn’t a scene but an issue. That Olivia is walking around without a security detail. Every terrorist and nation in the world was bidding on her because they know holding her means holding power over the President of the United States. What’s stopping any of them from scooping Liv up off the street now?

Jim: I'm actually kinda done with the "stroll around the house with a gun" bit. Sure, in real life it would be a while before someone got over such a traumatic event, but Scandal isn't real life and they are beating this "Olivia needs help" horse to death. Either get her help, or let her get over it and let's move on to another story. 

Miranda: I'll go with Susan Ross' botched interview. Yes, we're all supposed to underestimate her as a viable VP, but having her flunk an press engagement was a dumb way to bring Leo on board. We could've done without that and then jumped into Mellie panicking about her good "bad" choice, which is definitely coming.

Would you vote for a politician with a laugh like Susan Ross'?

Christine:  Sure. We could use more laughs in politics. At least Susan is honest. I’m liking her character a lot more than I ever thought I would. Mellie just might end up with some serious competition for that run for President.

Jim: I'm with  Christine on this one, I like Susan more than I thought I would, and given she was Mellie's suggestion, I think it goes a long way to mending fences between Fitz/Mellie.

Miranda: Yes. She's human and I've heard laughs way worse than, probably from my own mouth.

Who's your episode MVP?

Christine:  Huck and I’m usually not a big fan of Huck but his remembering what it took to survive being in the box was heartbreaking.

Jim: Diego is my MVP. As Christine said, watching him recount being in the hole in front of his wife was heartbreaking. It even brought David around to wanting to make things right. I truly hope that Huck/Diego can find some happiness.  

Miranda: HUUUUUCK! OMG! How does this borderline psychopathic hacker always manage to break my heart!? BUT! Episode MVP goes to David Rosen for being the one to see--REALLY SEE--what being in the hole did to Diego/Huck and deciding to move forward with a case against B613 no matter what. 

How will David protect the white hats from the fallout as he pursues the B613 case?

Christine:  I really don’t know. Who is in charge of B613 these days if Rowan is off fishing? I don’t understand why Huck didn’t look his wife in the eye and explain that B613 will come and slaughter their entire family if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. If she actually read those files, she’d has to realize what they are capable of.

Jim: I don't know, but given his passion, he clearly has an idea, I just hope we don't lose anyone along the way.   

Miranda: I thought B613 was pretty much done for, but I guess we were all wrong. I'm pretty sure what we're going to see is Jake going after Huck and that will be how Olivia/Jake end. She's not going to choose the man who goes after Huck. Plus, there's a solid chance there will be more blood if that happens, and it won't be Huck's.

Olivia has her popcorn and wine again. Is this a sign she's put the kidnapping ordeal behind her?

Christine:  That was a huge bowl of popcorn for one person…and I love my popcorn. I don’t think Liv will ever be the same again but I do think she’s beginning to move on. Although I hope she keeps that gun close, just in case.

Jim: I did notice she had taken a step back towards "normal" with the popcorn and wine. Though, I can't imagine that is very healthy for her.

Miranda: It's good for the soul, Jim!! Good for the soul! I hope that's the sign that we're moving on from the kidnapping story since it was so poorly done.

Lena Dunham guest stars on Scandal Season 4 Episode 16. Check it out Thursday night at 9pm on ABC or watch Scandal online!

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

David: Don't talk about murder in front of the Attorney General of the United States?
Jake: Fine, fine. Let's talk about the guy that I am not going to kill.

Abby: He's good at his job.
Cyrus: I didn't say he wasn't. You date him? Really, Red? That turns you on?