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Susan Ross prepares to settle into the role of VP on Scandal Season 4 Episode 15. During a press conference in front of the White House, she goes off script, snorts into the microphone, and embarrasses herself, Fitz, Mellie, and the entire administration.

Olivia sits alone in her apartment with a gun and a bottle of bourbon. She jumps when the phone rings and she finds Cyrus on the other end of the line. Outside her door, Olivia hears a man talking to her neighbor's friend. Rose has come looking for Lois whom she hasn't seen in three weeks. 

Olivia returns to OPA and sends Huck and Quinn on a hunt for Lois' body. 

David gets a visit from Huck's wife. She has B613 files and she says her husband, Diego Munoz, was a super spy in the organization.

Cyrus and Abby hire Leo to help rehab Susan's image in the American public after her terrible interview when Olivia won't come to work with them. 

David takes his knowledge of B613 to Huck and Jake and when Jake vows to take care of Diego Munoz, Huck reveals his identity to them. He says he'll take care of it and David accuses him of getting them into this in the first place. Quinn comes in and says she's found the ambulance.

Leo continues to push Susan Ross during his preparation for her appearance before Congress. He pushes her so hard she quits.

Quinn and Huck track down the ambulance and afterward Huck visits Kim. She wants him to testify against B613 in exchange for full immunity. She finally believes him and hates B613 for everything they took from him and their family. He says he won't do it and she says she plans to move forward with exposing B613. Jake and David advise Huck to testify and lie saying he was just a soldier with PTSD.

Abby and Leo, before going to sleep, have an argument about his handling of Susan Ross.  When he won't back down from his position that Susan isn't the right person for the job, Abby fires him. He leaves feeling like Abby can't trust his ability to do his job.

Olivia has flashbacks to her time in the cell while she's in the office and Rose brings in Lois' medical files. Olivia tries to calm the woman down and Rose says she knows Lois is gone. Rose just wants to know what happened. Olivia learns that the women were more than just friends and vows to do her best to bring Lois back to her.

Abby visits Olivia at OPA to ask for Olivia's help with the Susan Ross disaster. Susan gives an excellent interview before the Senate Committee but the speculation is that Congress will not confirm her. They're disappointed with Fitz' handling of the situation in West Angola. Olivia tells him he made a mockery of democracy by waffling on the use of military force in the region.

Quinn and Huck call with the news that they found Lois' body.

Huck has dinner with Kim and Javi and it's nice. It's normal. She tells him she's proud of his decision to testify and invites him to come to dinner after his deposition. At OPA, Huck asks Quinn if she's still in contact with Charlie and tells her to tell him to destroy any remaining B613 files he may have. She asks what's going on and he tells her. Then he says he chooses Olivia.

Kim accompanies Huck to his deposition and as he throws his wife under the bus he has visions of his life with Kim and Javi and all he's giving up by lying under oath. When David begins asking about the hole, Huck confirms there was a hole but says he can't give any information about it. He begins to talk about his routine inside the hole and David can't look at him while he does it.

Fitz goes to the Capitol to apologize and beg for the forgiveness of the Senators there who would block the appointment of Senator Ross to the role of VP. Abby returns home to find Leo waiting for her. Susan Ross is sworn in as Vice President. Huck walks Kim home and she kisses him before going inside.

Olivia tells Rose that Lois died of an aneurysm and that she was found sitting on a bench in Georgetown. While Rose says things will never be the same, Olivia sees her life with both Jake and Fitz flash before her. When she returns home she throws out the stained cushion, pours a glass of wine, and pops some popcorn.

David tells Jake about Huck's deposition and his plan to pursue action against B613.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

David: Don't talk about murder in front of the Attorney General of the United States?
Jake: Fine, fine. Let's talk about the guy that I am not going to kill.

Abby: He's good at his job.
Cyrus: I didn't say he wasn't. You date him? Really, Red? That turns you on?