Sexy Saturday: 17 Happily Married TV Couples

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It's no secret that marriage takes work. Perhaps that's why a successful union can be hard to find in both real life and on TV. But some couples manage to get it right with deep friendship, mutual respect and lots of love. 

Whether they work together to catch killers, share a love of science, jointly raise their children or had to wait years to be allowed to tie the knot, these spouses know how to keep the magic alive.

These are the duos who know that enjoying one another's company and loving one another sometimes means keeping a sense of humor and that accepting each other's quirks can go a long way in keeping the love alive. 

Check out our slideshow of 17 happily married couples on TV today. 

Did your favorite married couple make our list? Did we miss someone you think deserves to make the cut? Let us know in the comments below?

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