The Flash Season 1 Episode 17 Photo Gallery: Copycat

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It's not always the best idea to consult the original when a copycat killer is in play.

That's what Barry and Joe learn the hard way when they're faced with a Trickster who isn't The Trickster in The Flash Season 1 Episode 17. To try to stop their Trickster, they meet with The Trickster who was locked up for 20 years and things go terribly awry.

When Barry and Henry imagined the elder Allen out of Iron Heights, it most likely wasn't at the hands of a couple of mad men! Regardless, it is incredibly cool to see the original Flash (John Wesley Shipp) from 1990 with his original Trickster (Mark Hammill) together again, even if a good time is not had by all! 

Elsewhere in the episode, Iris will ask Eddie for help with a story and through flashbacks, we'll learn how Harrison Wells came up with the idea for the particle accelerator. 

It's hard to imagine what's got Barry so down at the end of the slideshow, sitting in front of the metahuman prison in STAR Labs, but it doesn't looks good. Which of the three stories noted above leads to it?

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