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Barry and Joe talk about Harrison and Barry wonders if he wanted Barry to become The Flash. While Barry wants Joe to just go get him, Joe warns caution. Harrison has been patient, scary patient.

After the new Trickster unleashes some toys, or tricks, on Central City, the team learns of the original. Joe and Barry away to Iron Heights to meet with him.

Barry isn't interested in speaking with any sense of respect toward Harrison, and Harrison notices. Joe tells Harrison even The Flash is allowed to get up on the wrong side of the bed every once in a while.

Harrison recalls when he lost his speed, tantamount to a tantrum outside the Allen house. NOOOOOOOO!

James Jesse sniffs his Twizzlers (or Red Vines) while asking for the new Trickster's head on a platter.

Iris asks Eddie to look into Mason's disappearance.

Barry continues to poke the hornet's nest and Harrison pulls him aside. Surprisingly, he doesn't confront him. 

Harrison recalls sitting with Tess Morgan on the beach...or we're just seeing it. He wanted to call his particle accelerator TESS, but she wants to call it STAR Labs, because the only STAR she sees is him. Some dude is watching them from afar (which Harrison wouldn't have known).

Iris asks Barry for help with Mason. The new Trickster starts broadcasting and he uses her laptop to see it.  He then takes the long route to where he thinks the bomb is. Unfortunately, it was a diversion. James Jesse has taken Henry as a hostage.

The Trickster tells the Trickster he is his father. 

When Harrison lost Tess in the car accident, the stranger came to him and told him, while he was hanging upside down in the car, that she had been dead for centuries. 

Joe and Barry are talking and Barry cannot believe he never saw who Harrison really was. Harrison says he was almost fooled, too. Barry wonders how he can trust Harrison to help his dad when he probably killed his mother. Joe reminds him that no matter what the guy is, he's also Harrison, and he's helped him so far.

When the Tricksters poison the crowd at a mayor's party, Barry shows up only to have a bomb strapped onto his wrist. His only hope? Harrison Wells. He tells Barry to run through a wall as he's doing his shimmering and shaking trick, leaving the bomb behind. It works. His next step is to save his dad. Henry loves seeing his son in his suit.

Henry gets a stop at STAR Labs on his way back to prison. He thanks Harrison. 

Eobard Thawne is the man who was watching Harrison. He sucked the life out of him and I suppose his memories? Harrison wouldn't have launched the particle accelerator until 2020. He needed to speed up the process so he bogarted all of Harrison.

Since Iris is looking for Mason, Joe and Barry decide to trust Eddie with Barry's identity. Eddie is a bit taken aback, to say the least. He tells Iris Mason moved to Brazil for a girl. 


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