The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 18 Review: Housewife Interrupted

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NeNe Leakes stormed out of HER OWN group therapy session last week and tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 18 the rest of the ladies will have a breakthrough with Dr. Jeff.

Plus, Phaedra's filing for The Big D (as in divorce) now that Apollo is behind bars. We're sure more craziness will ensue during the hour, so let's get to recapping, shall we?

Kandi wants to know why everyone's getting "all in they feelings" during a group therapy session. That's...kind of the point of therapy is to explore your feelings. 

While the rest of the women sit around talking about NeNe, Porsha says she thinks NeNe doesn't feel like she's being heard. Kenya questions her on that and Porsha says the same thing. NeNe doesn't feel like she's being heard. That's kind of true. 

For all of Porsha's idiocy and not understanding that the Underground Railroad wasn't actually a railroad OR underground, she's pretty good at interpersonal communication. Plus 10.

Dr. Jeff returns to the room and asks the women why they think NeNe left. Kenya says she thinks NeNe left because NeNe felt like people weren't being loyal to her. Claudia rolls her eyes and Dr. Jeff calls on her next. 

Claudia thinks they're all saying the same thing: they want to move forward. Porsha lets out a sigh and Kandi starts laughing, which puts the both of them in the hot seat. 

Porsha finds it exasperating that they all want to move forward and says she hasn't really experienced that in the group so hearing that come out of their mouths just doesn't seem real. Plus 6.

She doesn't believe they should have to be fake and super friendly just because they run in the same circles. If someone cussed her out the day before, she doesn't want to hug them at a party and pretend it's all well and good.

Dr. Jeff decides to table the discussion so they can continue this work and move this discussion to what in their lives causes them to perceive situations the way they do. Porsha talks about being bullied and suicidal which led to being bullied in her marriage. Claudia grew up dealing with racism and being the only interracial family on the block. Kenya still feels rejected by her mom.

Someone just earned a serious paycheck and his name is Dr. Jeff. Plus 25.

He turns the discussion back around to the present day and Porsha says that this sort of misunderstanding has happened in the group with her and Kenya. In a camera interview, Kenya rolls her eyes at the fact that Porsha singled her out like she disagrees with Porsha but then goes on to tell Dr. Jeff about their very first event where Porsha called her Miss America instead of Miss USA.

They've just never gotten back on track from that. That's...asinine, right? Minus 8.

Dr. Jeff asks Porsha if it's true and Porsha says it's true that might be how Kenya took it, but that's not what she meant and she apologized for it. Then talk turns to their fist fight at the reunion show when Kenya showed up with a bullhorn in Porsha's face and Porsha went a little hood on Kenya's weave.

So that's a legit fight between these two women and not something easily overcome. Porsha says she apologized, and she apologizes again for going there when she didn't mean to go there but felt provoked, and brings up how they apologized again at dinner earlier this year. 

But then they went to Puerto Rico and their truce went south.

Kenya jumped on Porsha's back on the bus when Claudia started running her mouth about who Porsha may or may not be sleeping with and Porsha's just not okay with either of their behavior that night.

Claudia still thinks she was justified because she felt Porsha was laughing AT her while she and NeNe went at it, but she apologizes anyway. (Seriously, Claudia? It couldn't be that she was laughing at how ridiculously awkward that entire situation was? No? NO?) 

Kenya says she apologizes for that Porsha felt attacked.

"She WAS attacked." --Dr. Jeff, Plus 10, and another Plus 5 for making Kenya's face do that wide-eyed "HOW DARE YOU" thing.

He challenges Kenya to do better. Now.

Kenya accepts her responsibility and says she'd like for them to move forward. Porsha accepts the apology. 

Dr. Jeff brings up Phaedra and Porsha says she talked to Phaedra and Phaedra felt like there's a disconnect between herself and Kandi. Kandi scoffs. 

She tells Dr. Jeff that she doesn't understand how they have an issue but Phaedra talks to everyone else about the issue except her. In her camera interview, Kandi says "if we have an issue and I don't know that we have an issue, then we don't have an issue. You have an issue." 

True. Plus 7.

Dr. Jeff asks if it's worth it to reach out AGAIN and Kandi says "definitely." Then he wants to know how they're going to reach out to NeNe.

Kenya suggests a video message and Kandi laughs. Again. "That's a ass-kisser move." Yep. Truth. Again. Plus 5.

They have a group hug and Claudia thinks things will be a little different now. Kandi tells them all it's lame but films it anyway, all the while saying this is why NeNe does what she does. Because people kiss her ass.

NeNe and Gregg look through her script for Cinderella and she talks about how the wicked stepmom talks more than anyone else in the play. Then she talks to Gregg about the Dr. Jeff session and how she felt attacked.

She says she's apologized and said she's sorry and apologized some more and she doesn't do that often so she doesn't understand why they can't understand that. Gregg tells her not to worry about why people don't accept her apology. She said it and meant it and that's all she can do. Plus 8.

Cynthia and Kandi and their men meet up to play pool in the back of a bowling alley, and Cynthia brings up the Dr. Jeff session. Kandi didn't feel like anything was resolved and then she and Cynthia talk about how NeNe nearly got into it with Dr. Jeff. Peter can't believe she walked out after setting it up and neither can anyone else. 

Kandi still can't understand how everyone knows about whatever's going on with Phaedra except her but she's going to talk to Mizzzz Parks about it.

Phaedra meets with Sarah Jakes, the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, and they have lemonade. Sarah's had some rough moments with her marriage publicly ending after giving birth to her son at 14. She left her husband when she knew she was suffering and just couldn't stay anymore. 

Phaedra tells Sarah that she wanted to be the perfect wife but in the end, Apollo would say and do things just to be mean and hurtful. For a while it's seemed like she's been talking about all these things with Apollo in order to garner support but when she starts crying here, it's genuine. She's been hurting. 

Kenya's meeting with her production assistants and she can't find Brandon. SHE CAN'T FIND BRANDON! SOMEONE FIND BRANDON! Her money's on the line and she's freaking out about the production aspect of things and can't focus on her table read. AND WHERE IS BRANDON?

Oh, there he is. Whew. Plus 2.

It's time for a table read. There's a Ray Rice joke and Leon talking about his sexual escapades (fictional, we hope) and Kenya saying the jokes were landing. Except almost no one was laughing except for Brandon. Life Twirls On coming to a canceled TV Shows list near you!

After the group session with Dr. Jeff, Claudia has decided to seek personal sessions with him, believing in the power of therapy and knowing she can work on herself and her own issues. Plus 10. Good on you, Claudia!

Dr. Jeff suggests they travel together. Her and the girls, I mean. She wonders if that won't be a disaster, but he says it shouldn't be. Not if they work on it together. 

Kandi's working at Tags, her other other job, when Cynthia and Kenya come in to visit and tell her that Porsha and Claudia are planning a little trip. After Kandi points out how alllllll of their names end in "uh." Except hers. 

Kenya and Cynthia are shocked--SHOCKED--to learn that after their session with Dr. Jeff Kandi STILL hasn't called Phaedra. Minus 30.

Phaedra visits Ronnie Kaplan, a colleague and friend, to get her opinion on filing for divorce from Apollo. He, in a heated moment, stated he was going to speak to a divorce counselor and go his own way. Phaedra says she's just there for advice but she's really there for the go-ahead. 

The kids are the issue in their marriage because they had a prenup. The attorney suggests that before they make a parenting plan they take the kids for a trial visit first to see how they do. 

Phaedra says that over the course of their five year marriage, what was once very happy turned into Apollo wanting to party. Ronnie asks why she married him knowing he'd been in prison before and Phaedra says she loved him and stood by him when people didn't think she should. 

Ronnie advises they do things slow with regards to filing the divorce since he can't actually participate. 

Next week? Kenya and Phaedra make contact and IT'S NOT A FIST FIGHT. Let's make sure to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online so we don't miss it.


Housewife Interrupted Review

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