The Returned Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Julie

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Despite coming back, the returned are quickly realizing you can't go home again. 

Camille found herself struggling to figure out her place at home with Lena. 

The Returned Season 1 Episode 3 also introduced a new mysterious character whose welcome home was anything but welcome. 

The interactions between Camille and Lena have been some of my favorite on the show so far. Lena is clearly dealing with a lot of guilt, but is mad that Camille is back.

Jack telling Camille that Lena took it the hardest after she died must have been confusing for Camille to hear. Lena has been nothing but volatile to her since she's been back. 

Camille: You just want me gone so you can have Ben and your friends all to yourself, right?
Lena: That's right. I want you gone.

While Jack and Claire have welcomed Camille back with open arms, Lena keeps her at a distance. 

Now Lena has a strange scar that seems to be getting bigger and more painful. By the end of the episode it looked more like a wound. What is it, and does it have something to do with Camille's return?

Camille's return has brought Jack and Claire closer together. It's not unusual for parents who've lost a child to separate, so perhaps getting their daughter back will push them toward one another again. 

I think Claire is unrealistically optimistic about staying in town with Camille. Even though Camille is going around telling people she's Lena's cousin, Alice, I'm not sure everyone is going to buy it. Both Chris and Ben looked at Camille like they were seeing a ghost. Camille's cover probably won't last long.

It's only a matter of time before other people catch on, especially since more people are returning.

Speaking of newly returned people; let's talk about Tony's brother. Tony was suspected of committing the brutal attacks that happened seven years earlier, but I'm guessing it was his brother. You don't hit someone in the head with a shovel like that for no reason. 

If the brother has been dead for seven years, it would match up with the timeline of attacks. After all, Julie was attacked seven years earlier, too.

The episode flashed back to the night of Julie's attack. We saw that Julie and Officer Nikki were once an item (or secret item). Later, as we saw Julie's attack, I began to wonder why anyone would walk through that tunnel alone. I don't care if you think your town is safe. That tunnel is beyond creepy. 

In the present, Julie was trying to avoid her neighbor, Annie. What is this woman's problem? I've never seen a more intrusive neighbor before on television. Although, I'm not sure we'll be seeing much of Annie anymore. Victor looked like he had sinister intentions when he went over to Annie's apartment. 

Speaking of sinister intentions, what's going on with Tommy and Peter?

Tommy is spying on Rowan via hidden cameras in their home. Is he just being overprotective due to his line of work, or is he possessive and wants to know what she's doing when he's not around? 

Now Tommy knows too much because he saw Rowan kissing Simon. 

I'm glad Rowan finally figured out Simon isn't a figment of her imagination. My only concern is why she would immediately start kissing him? 

Side Note: This is part of a larger problem with some of these characters. Most of them are far too accepting. It's just not realistic. End Side Note. 

Peter sometimes creeps me out more than anyone else. He's been very calm accepting Camille's return. Now he's taking Simon under his wing.

More importantly, he told Simon something very important in this episode: Simon and Camille are not the only people he knows of that have returned. 

Peter: I know how confusing this must be for you. Coming back to a world that's moved on without you.
Simon: What do you mean "come back"?
Peter: Simon, you're not the only one. There's a girl, and a long time ago I knew someone else like you.
Simon: Like me how?
Peter: You're back. Aren't you?

Who is he talking about? Have we met this person already? 

Peter is probably not who he appears to be, and I'm curious what else he knows. 

Another person I'm extremely curious about is Helen. We haven't heard a peep from her yet, but we now know she died when the dam broke and flooded a part of the town. 

I don't think this episode moved as smoothly as the previous ones, but they're still doing a great job at presenting more mysteries in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming yet. Hopefully next week we will learn if Tony's brother is the killer from seven years ago. 

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode? Do you think Tony's brother is the killer? Do you think Victor is going to do something to Julie's neighbor, Annie? Will Rowan find out about the hidden cameras? What are your predictions for The Returned Season 1 Episode 4? 

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on the mystery when you watch The Returned online via TV Fanatic! 

Julie Review

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