The Walking Dead: Watch Season 5 Episode 16 Online

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There are wolves on the prowl, y'all! They aren't your normal wolves, either. These are human beings sporting big Ws on their foreheads. WTF?

It's time for a town meeting and folks are carrying some new weapons inĀ The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16. Rick's a no-show at the town meeting. Even the words "town meeting" evoke bad, sort of old-timey connotation, don't you think?

When you add walkers, guns and the betrayal of Gabriel to the equation, what good can possibly come of it?

By the time the credits roll, you can expect some things to get back to normal. Daryl finally felt at home, out on the road, surrounded by a gazillion walkers. People are killing again, some are wearing their treasured weapons, some have taken to praying. All do not survive, but expect no loss such as those who have gone earlier in the season.

Inexplicably, Gabriel is still breathing, and even had a righteous kill. Again, WTF? With Rick's actions at the town meeting and a reappearance of a map showing the way to DC, it might be time to get back on the road.

The only way you can make sense of it all is to watch The Walking Dead online.

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