You may not think this place is worth saving, but it's worth it to me.


No, Coco.

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I'm glad it was you.


This isn't the future my brother wanted. Not what my my mother and dad fought for.


Gabriel: Come on, jump forward.
Eugene: Come on.

What we're doing could help everyone.


What the fսck?


Vickers: Governor, come in.
Pamela: Anything yet?
Vickers: No, ma'am. Saw his sister, then reported to the wall. He just pulled additional backup to deal with the horde. Nothing unusual.
Pamela: Where did he take them from?
Vickers: Sector 7... Processing... And Tunnel H. Did you want me to recall any of those troops?
Pamela: No, I'm sure Mercer has his reasons.

Michael Mercer, you're under arrest for treason, by order of Governor Milton. Any resistance will be met with life in prison or death.


Mercer: You all right?
Princess: I'm fine. How's Eugene?
Mercer: Safe, for now. Where are you?
Princess: On a train, headed back to you.
Mercer: A train?
Princess: We're bringing people... Prisoners that Hornsby and Pamela disappeared. What are you planning to do?
Mercer: Change things, take Pamela down. Think you'd be okay with that?
Princess: Yeah.
Mercer: If you can get those prisoners back to me, they're witnesses. I'd have legal grounds to remove Pamela.
Princess: The train takes us to a depot a ways out. If we can make our way to the city, can you get us in?
Mercer: Old access tunnel under the west wall. Leads up into Union Station. Industrial building, basement entrance, guarded, but I can meet you there.

Luke: These guys in white gear, they showed up and... Said they were from the Commonwealth. And they just took over.
Aaron: But we made a deal with them.
Jules: Well, I don't know what kind of deal you made, but something must've changed because they're tracking us right now.
Luke: Yeah, and if they find us, we're dead. I suggest we get as far the hell away from Oceanside as humanly possible.

The way I see it, I've been living on borrowed time for well past a decade now. By all rights, someone like me should've met my maker on the very first day things started to fall apart. And the thing is, I would've, were it not for the aid of friends. Friends who have not only changed me, but changed the hearts and minds of so many others. I am beyond certain that my fate will not discourage them from keeping that going, from helping others to find the courage to do what's right. I was not always a good man. Some time ago, I fell in with a posse who thrived on... doing some downright unseemly acts on the reg. And I looked the other way. I placed value on order and safety above all other things. But I soon realized that, while I wasn't the one swinging the bat, I nevertheless had blood on my hands. I knew what was happening. My inaction made me culpable, and I hated myself for that. So I did something. In my own little way, I changed the world. And I learned that one person can do that. And sometimes, all it takes is one person to do that.