DIG Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Jehoshaphat

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RIP Golan, rest in peace.

Another player was lost on DIG Season 1 Episode 9 as he walked down a seemingly deserted back street of Jerusalem. Once-dead Emma drove up from the shadows and mowed him down, and while he was wriggling in the street, sat astride him and plunged a hunting knife into his throat. 

Nice girl, that Emma.

Looking for Clues - DIG

Sadly, Golan was my fave outside the red heifer, so I'm really rootin' for Avram and Mr. Clean to do some fancy footwork in the finale next week and save that little bugger.

All things considered, however, "Jehoshaphat" was a bit of a letdown. I know, I know. Many of you were already feeling let down, but this type of "run and see what catches us" episode is never a lot of fun when the big even is right at our fingertips. And let's face it, we're not talking about the little things anymore.

Faye: The FBI knows we're here.
Tad: That changes nothing. Two days from now the FBI won't exist. Nothing in this world will exist. Keep our eyes on the prize. First Jehoshaphat, then Armageddon.

I really wanted to know exactly what those entail and I'm sure I'm not alone. The odds Gregory lives long enough to share all he knows with someone else are pretty slim in a series such as this. That means either it will all just fall into place before our eyes or well never know because they'll be so busy fighting to stop whatever it is that we don't know what might happen.

That hardly makes sense, but it's essentially the plot of every B movie on Syfy for the last ten years. Whether it's a comet coming to earth or the possibility of the antichrist, their bark is a hell of a lot worse than their bite. There's a lot of buildup to what could happen, little about what probably will and nothing ever does.

In this case, I'd like to just have an idea what Jehoshaphat and Armageddon are to these people and why in the hell they consider it such a prize. What's in it for them other than the process of carrying it out? What's going to come for them? A big hand from a crack in the ground to scoop them directly into hell? 

There was a lot of running around and posturing and we learned very little.

Peter slept with Emma, which I still find quite high on the ick factor. Now that she's a murderess, even higher.

Lynn maintained her sanity through some pretty rough waters and I really thought for a minute there that she'd escape the consulate, thanks to her walk-through retracing Yussef's steps. Not so much.

Bless our sweet Avram who was doing what he could o stop all plans for his beloved Red. He really did scuttle the whole thing by marring the coat of his friend, but Rabbi Lev is the perfect kind of foul criminal mastermind. He's a cheater who will attempt to pull off the end of the world with damaged goods. 

The Essene fellow (Painter Pants, Mr. Clean, it's all good) spun Avram around and tried to show him killing may be in Av's cards, but he has to kill the right person. That person would be a 13-year-old boy named Joshua. They don't necessarily know that yet, but he is the high priest and let's be honest, seeing him go pop won't be a travesty. 

Golan won't be there witness any of it. I don't think his brother can treat those wounds. I bet Golan feels pretty bad looking down at it now, laughing at Peter for not climbing through the window fast enough. All he had was a fresh bullet wound. Well, now you see how fresh wounds sting, right Golan? 

Hopefully they can give us a lot more next week than just more cat and mouse. I'd love to know what the plan was to end the world, not just see how it's stopped. How about you? Hit the comments, guys!

You can watch DIG online right here via TV Fanatic if you need to see more of the action. 

Jehoshaphat Review

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DIG Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Lynn: Waddya mean she kissed his hand?
Peter: Oh yeah, like he was the Pope or somethin'. I gotta go.

Faye: The FBI knows we're here.
Tad: That changes nothing. Two days from now the FBI won't exist. Nothing in this world will exist. Keep our eyes on the prize. First Jehoshaphat, then Armageddon.