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Golan climbs out of a trunk in a parking structure. Nothing to see here!

Lynn calls Peter. He was right about everything. Call ASAP.

Peter wakes up and heads out to the Essenes. They think he's been chosen. After all, he was shot in the chest just right. He will heal by saving the world.

Rabbi Lev tells Avram to go home. He's rather torn as the little bugger is taken in to be slaughtered.

I never put it together than Donaldson in the crazy home was the son of the guy kept all of the artifacts! Ohhhh.

He's busy covering his room in Jehoshaphat.

A doctor takes out Peter's bullet. It's Golan's brother. After it's over, Peter discovers he's a veterinarian. Emma cleans him up afterward. 

Avram finds his way into see Red. He tells him it won't hurt and paints him with two white stripes. 

Lynn is in the office, she's making a call bypassing the gal she had helping her. The gal didn't seem to believe her. But what she found was the name Reverend Tad Billingham on a flight manifest.

She takes it to Golan and tells him what she knows.

Peter is showering and Emma joins him. Now that she's not like his daughter I guess it's OK to have sex.

Strangely, it prompts him to call his wife. Golan knocks and comes in. The wife hangs up and Golan sees who's in Peter's bed. He thinks he's crazy.

Lev sees what Avram did to Red. Instead of doing anything else, Lev decides to wash the cow and proceed as planned. Avram is crushed again.

Golan has a story to tell Peter proving it won't end well. At the airstrip they see Tad Billingham meeting the Ambassador and Joshua.

At the office, the gal says she found a page she meant to give to her and there is a pastor and "a kid," but Lynn never said it was a kid. Lynn takes the stairs and is plunged into darkness. Someone tries to stop her from getting out. 

Lynn is knocked over the head. She's not getting out.

Tad and friends have their eyes on the prize.

Peter and Golan head off to see Donaldson. Emma calls and wants to talk about "it."

Avram is ready to kill someone to save Red and the Essenes fellow pulls him out of the room.

Golan and Peter are told to come back during visiting hours, so they climb into the window. Golan is giving him shit for not climbing fast enough, but the dude just had a bullet dug out of his chest.

Gregory is drugged out of his mind.

Ian Margrove calls Peter. He fears something terrible is about to happen, but he's having second thoughts. He wants to meet at the dig sight. Right now. 

The Essene tells Avram to retrain his thoughts onto killing the high priest, because he's the only person who can kills the heifer. He's the key to it all.

Golan talks to Gregory and then walks down the middle of an empty street that is empty for approximately 5 seconds. He's then hit by a car while he lay shivering in the road, Emmaknifes him in the throat and rides off while Gregory looks on.

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DIG Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Lynn: Waddya mean she kissed his hand?
Peter: Oh yeah, like he was the Pope or somethin'. I gotta go.

Faye: The FBI knows we're here.
Tad: That changes nothing. Two days from now the FBI won't exist. Nothing in this world will exist. Keep our eyes on the prize. First Jehoshaphat, then Armageddon.