Grimm Round Table: Nick, You Are the Father!

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The smoke hasn't even cleared from the burning husk of Nick's trailer, torched by Juliette at the end of Grimm Season 4 Episode 19, one of several key moments in the episode.

Now's the perfect time to look back and examine the fallout of this dramatic episode, which featured Adalind revealing her pregnancy to pretty much everyone (and everyone hilariously responding with some variation of "What, again?!").

Join TV Fanatic Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Robin Harry, Allison Nichols, and Kathleen Wiedel as they discuss Nick's reaction to his impending fatherhood, Adalind's offer to help, Prince Kenneth's plan, and more issues from "Iron Hans."

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Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

Nick is faced with sudden unexpected fatherhood in this episode. Comment on his reaction to the revelation of Adalind's pregnancy.

Doug: Wow. You can really tell he’s conflicted about it. It’s Adalind’s second child, yet it’s his first. The war in his brain must be immense: his hatred of the mother fighting with his sense of fatherhood. You get the sense it will all boil down to one stark and unrelenting question: will his yet-unexplored sense of love for his child overwhelm his love for Juliette? I predict that should that question come up, Juliette will lose.

Robin: I thought his reaction was appropriate. Then again, pretty much any reaction would be appropriate for the-witch-I-hate-got-pregnant-while-posing-as-my-girlfriend news. He was understandably conflicted, hating the sins of the mother but knowing the innocence of the child.

Allison: He handled it better than I would have in his situation. I also really loved Adalind's comment about how she isn't the evil person that Team Grimm makes her out to be. I would love to see Nick get to know Adalind better, not as the threat she always seems to pose but as an actual human being. I don't know how much Nick will want to be involved with his son's future though. Someone needs to bring that point up to him and ask.

Kathleen: I feel really, really bad for Nick. This is definitely not how he ever wanted or hoped to become a father. I don't blame him for recoiling, though I definitely respect him for telling Juliette that while Adalind may not be innocent, the unborn child is. I only hope that Adalind doesn't do something typically selfish at the expense of that child...

What are your thoughts on Adalind's offer to Nick and company of help for Juliette?

Doug: I’m really curious about the offer – or more importantly, how the “cure” can be applied. Will they require Juliette’s compliance or is the cure something that Nick can slip into her drink or something? Can her Wesen abilities be suppressed involuntarily?

Robin: Adalind's actions are purely for her own self-preservation. I think she'll actually help because that's the only way she can guarantee her own safety. She'll be back to her old self as soon as Juliette's no longer a threat.

Allison: I loved her comment that she wouldn't have shown up to Nick empty handed. Adalind knows that in order to protect her child, she has to help Nick out. There have been a lot of morally ambiguous decisions made by Team Grimm when it comes to either curing someone or suppressing part of their Wesen side. If they force this "cure" on Juliette, I don't know that she will ever forgive them for it.

Kathleen: Adalind is a selfish witch, and she's done little to change my opinion of her. I highly doubt that she feels any particular guilt over Juliette's circumstances, and that she's only making the offer because she wants to keep her skin intact.

What do you think of Kenneth's strategy to lure Kelly Burkhardt into the open?

Doug: It seems a foregone conclusion that he’s going to be successful. My curiosity has to do with how they’re going to make that happen. Kenneth thinks that only having her son in danger will do it – which Juliette has begun to do by torching the trailer. I can only imagine that her next act will be to physically threaten Nick.

Robin: Objectively, it's a smart plan. Mama Grimm has been known to come out when Nick is in trouble, so it's a good move on Kenneth's part to meet his goal. That said, from a viewer's perspective, it's incredibly annoying that Juliette is now on their side. It took the show soooo long to make Juliette an interesting (and likeable) character, and this storyline is undoing all of that.

Allison: Kenneth is a proactive little bugger. He knows people's weaknesses, and he uses them to his advantage. It's all about betrayal and making deals to get the job done. I can see why Juliette would join forces. I really hope she has a moment where she second guesses what she is doing. I still find it hard to buy her new personality, so seeing her sort of as a villain is weird.

Kathleen: Honestly, I hope that his plan backfires spectacularly and that when Kelly reappears, it's to stab him through the chest with a giant wooden stake. The look of disbelief on his face would be worth the wait, I think.

In the closing moments of the episode, Juliette set Nick's trailer on fire, presumably destroying everything inside. What impact do you think this will have in future episodes?

Doug: Frankly, I was shocked at that. That’s a whole lot of Wesen lore that she burned, which means Nick will need to find another source for his information. I would imagine he’ll have to start questing out to network with other Grimms from other towns. And of course I imagine he’ll want Trubel to be by his side again.

Robin: That is the single most tragic thing to happen on this show so far. The trailer had all the history, all the weapons, and the trailer scenes were always interesting. The trailer was also the only thing that gave Nick some independence and knowledge without relying on others. Now he's gonna have to call Monroe for everything!!

Allison: I want Wu to take up the job of making new books and writing down everything. It will be fun to watch Nick try to build back up his Grimm lair. Who do you think has the best drawing skills that will become the artist of Nick's new books? Maybe Trubel can help out!

Kathleen: Nick, not having been raised in the Wesen world, was always at a disadvantage, which he countered by the stored knowledge and tools in the trailer. Unless Wu has been a busy beaver while we weren't looking, Nick just lost pretty much everything, which makes him uniquely vulnerable. I don't doubt people like Prince Kenneth will do their best to take advantage of that weakness.

What line or scene stuck out for you?

Doug: I’m getting more and more concerned for Renard. Now he’s blacking out and attacking people? Something wonky’s going on. Why haven’t we seen his mother yet?

Robin: I loved Monroe's speech to the kids on the camp about the sanctity of life and the dissonance of their human and Wesen sides. Monroe really is the heart of this show, and I enjoy these moments he has.

Allison: I enjoyed seeing Adalind interact with everyone and to see everyone's reactions to her presence and to her new situation. It's really weird to see her hide behind Nick. The whole showdown in the police precinct was intense.

Kathleen: There were some absolutely cracking one-liners in this episode! Since I tragically didn't find a place for it in my review, here's a real winner from the mouth of Captain Renard:

As long as we're digging up the past, we may as well dig up your mother!


Did something about this episode just not work?

Doug: Other than the open-ended Renard thing, I think this episode worked better than others. It was all about the Wesen this time, and not some weird non-Wesen supernatural distraction.

Robin: They seriously need to get moving on that Renard story. Someone get his mother back here already. All her spells have gone nuts and her son's committing unconscious aggravated assault. Or at least call Henrietta. Somebody help Sean Renard!

Allison: I just don't know what is going on with Renard. I don't know why he isn't actively trying to figure out what is going on. He had that one moment of turning to Rosalee and Monroe for help, and then from there, nothing. His condition, or, well, conditions, just don't make any sense to me.

Kathleen: I agree with Robin and Allison. Get some movement on the Renard plotline soon, because a mystery is no good without hints along the way!

Grimm Season 4 Episode 20, "You Don't Know Jack," is scheduled to air on Friday, May 1, 2015 at 8/7c on NBC. Remember, you can watch previous episodes of Grimm online right here at TV Fanatic!

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