Grimm Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Iron Hans

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The snark is alive and well in Portland!

It seemed like everyone had something to say in Grimm Season 4 Episode 19, "Iron Hans." Seriously, some of their quips had me in stitches! The writers were on fire for the one-liners, I have to say.

Dialogue is often one of Grimm's strong points. Nearly everything Wu says ever, for instance, is comedy gold. Be sure to head over to the Grimm quotes page to get a rundown on some of the best lines of the episode!

Even characters not normally associated with comedy had a great line or two. Take the moment when Adalind revealed her pregnancy to Renard:

And what makes you think Nick will be interested in anything you have to s- [Adalind opens her coat, revealing her pregnancy.] That is *not* mine.


I have to hand it to Sasha Roiz. The look on his face was priceless! In fact, everyone's reactions to Adalind's pregnancy were pretty much right on the money. Maybe Adalind should take some of this to heart and perhaps alter her behavior in the future?

Wonder of wonders, even Adalind herself had some brilliant moments!

Adalind: Now all we need's my mother.
Rosalee: I thought she was dead.
Adalind: Well, she couldn't help if she was alive.

Adalind said something later, though, that is also definitely worth mentioning:

You act like I'm responsible for everything. But I only did what I did to you because you took my child from me.


There's just one minor problem with this declaration, namely that when Adalind did her little Grimm-power-stripping-sexcapade with Nick, she didn't know he had anything to do with Diana's abduction. She did it because she thought Prince Viktor had the child! Nice revisionist history, Adalind. And yes, everything is your fault, Adalind.

Prince Kenneth, meanwhile, executed his plan to lure Nick's mother out of hiding by turning Juliette against Nick. I know, I know that Juliette's not exactly in what you would consider a rational state of mind, but did she really have to be so easily manipulated?

Look at it this way: she may not care about Nick anymore, but that shouldn't automatically make her want to help Kenneth, the sleezebag. In this world, the enemy of my enemy is most definitely not my friend.

On that note, why did Juliette show up at the precinct at the most conveniently inconvenient moment when Adalind just so happened to be there? Worked out well for Kenneth, I have to say. If he wasn't responsible for the timing of that encounter, it sure felt contrived.

I highly suspect that a Nick-Juliette showdown is in the works for the season finale, which is less than a month away. Really, though, it can't come soon enough, because I'm pretty well fed up with Juliette's behavior.

Burning the trailer, though, that's a game-changer. That trove of information, tools, and weapons was invaluable to Nick as a Grimm. Its loss may have a profound effect further down the line, particularly since Nick wasn't raised in the Grimm life. He will have to start rebuilding everything by scratch.

Moving on: I found the Case of the Week rather frustrating and eerily familiar: a group of young men go on a coming-of-age Wesen heritage trip into the woods, while a female relative ends up being the worst of the lot. The problem is that this is the plot of Grimm Season 1 Episode 2. Yep, the very first episode after the pilot. Were the writers so out of plot ideas that they basically plagiarised themselves?

I pretty much pegged Maggie as the killer from the get-go for a couple reasons. First, as I mentioned a moment ago, the ridiculous similarity to "Bears Will Be Bears," and second, that her presence was seemingly extraneous to the plot when she first showed up. Ebert's Law of Conservation of Characters is pretty accurate, I assure you.

The Iron Hans camp did provide us with a little insight into Wesen at large, though, and a reminder that kindly clock-maker Monroe wasn't always as gentle and friendly. We've seen a bit of it in previous seasons, so this was a nice call-back.

Also worth noting is that word about Nick (and even Monroe) has continued to spread. It's taken a surprisingly long time for the Wesen gossip chain to latch onto the news about a Grimm in Portland who doesn't chop people's heads off at first sight. You'd think that this little tidbit would spread faster than a forestfire, but it hasn't for some reason. It's Season 4, remember!

A few last thoughts before I turn the commentary over to you:

  • Adalind seemed unusually rational and less whiny than usual. Maybe she's getting all of Juliette's marbles?
  • Renard may have committed an aggravated assault while having another mysterious blackout. Can we please explain what's going on with him already?
  • Kenneth's plan to lure Kelly Burkhardt to Portland by placing Nick in peril seems predicated on Kelly not finding a babysitter for Diana. I fully expect Elizabeth Lascelles to find Kelly first.
  • Juliette demonstrated exactly why there should not be candles anywhere near that trailer. Fire safety 101!

Grimm Season 4 Episode 20 will air on Friday, April 30, at 8/7c on NBC. Until then, you can relive all the action and excitement when you watch Grimm online right here at TV Fanatic.

Iron Hans Review

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Whether you are Lowen, Blutbad, Drang-Zorn, or Balaam, we are all blessed. And when you woge for the first time, you will feel a power like you have never felt before. But this is never to be revealed. Normal people will never feel like you feel, they will never know what you know. They will never live life as deeply as you.


Did she say anything along the lines of, like, "Sorry, I didn't mean to beat up folks I never met before"?