Hawaii Five-0 Picture Preview: The Hangover, Hawaii Style?

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After a strong Elvis-themed hour starring Jerry, it looks like "Ho'amoano" (Chasing Yesterday) is going to be another fun episode before heading into the the end of the season.

None of these photos feature members of Five-0 so we are going to look into our crystal ball and theorize guess what everyone will be doing. What fun! 

On Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 22, a woman is found murdered in a hotel suite occupied by three married men. Yes, you read that right. Five-0 must help the friends got over their hangover and retrace their steps from a wild night to find the killer. 

Is this going to be 'The Hangover'  Hawaii style? How will Steve and the gang get to the bottom of this one? We can probably look forward to a lot of funny quotes and banter among the team. 

Jerry will be featured again and involved in case on the island of O'ahu. 

Don't forget if you need to catch up on this fun and action packed series before the end of the season, you can watch Hawaii Five-0 online any time via TV Fanatic! 

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jake: Glad to see you reining in those man boobs.
Mickey: You what this means? I hooked up last night.

Steve: Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: What?
Steve:Gracie will get her college degree online.
Steve: Why would you even say her name here?