Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 22 Review: Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday)

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Imagine waking up in a completely trashed hotel room after a night of wild partying that you can't remember, but know it must have been the wildest night of your life.

If you have ever seen 'The Hangover' the beginning of this episode was an enjoyable throwback. 

Of course, Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 22 added another element. The men not only woke up with killer hangovers, but also discovered a woman who had actually been killed in their bathtub. 

Jake, Nolan and Mickey could not remember a thing about what happened the night before, which made sense after their toxin screenings showed they had alcohol and a lot of ketamine in their systems. Max confirmed that there was probably no chance they could remember what happened and revealed Rebecca had nothing in her system. 

Meanwhile, Jerry witnessed a kidnapping of a woman who turned out to be wanted by the FBI for sex trafficking. 

With those set ups the episode was off to a strong start, with intriguing cases and a lot of mysteries to solve. 

The way to solve the first mystery was of course to track down whatever the hell happened to the guys during their boys' night out.

It was fun to see Steve, Danny and Grover work their way through the night, which basically involved the guys hitting on every girl they saw. Although sadly, none of them had any game. 

The best worst line was Nolan totally knocking them dead with a statement that was potentially more demeaning to himself than the girls. 

Which one of you has the lowest standards, because I am here.


Among other things, we saw how Jake lost his hair, how Nolan got a black eye and witnessed Mickey belly flopping into a ball pit. Over all, they were great comedic additions to the week. 

Did anyone else notice the guy in the background doing 'The Bernie' when the guys first walked out of the night club? I don't know if that was planned, but it was hilarious. 

We were also granted a few fleeting scenes with Danny and Steve this week. 

Steve: Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: What?
Steve:Gracie will get her college degree online.
Steve: Why would you even say her name here?

I don't really understand why Steve and Danny were using a picture of Rebecca when she was dead. It wasn't a very recognizable picture to most people and had a shock factor that would have thrown a lot of witnesses off. That is just me being nitpicky, though. 

Throughout the investigation, I really wanted to know how and why Rebecca ended up in the guys' room without them knowing about it. 

I had a feeling it was going to be Rebecca's newly discovered father or step-brother. Money can be a very powerful motivation to kill someone. 

The one problem I had was that he asked for a lawyer in the interrogation room and Steve and Danny completely ignored it. Once again, the team was acting above the law, but it seemed to be okay because they are the H50 team. It doesn't matter who you are, you still have to follow and respect the law.

After the suspect asked for a lawyer, Steve and Danny continued to interrogate and he eventually confessed. I think a good lawyer could get a case like that thrown out. 

I was also glad to see Jerry get another good storyline. It was so sweet to see Jerry accepting a medal for heroism wearing one of Kamekona's t-shirts. Even though Jerry had to be close to the man, he was proud of what he did. And Jerry absolutely should have gotten a medal for helping shut down a sex trafficking and slave labor operation. 

Right before the speech Chin showed the photos of Adam to Steve. As next week will focus on Kono being lost, I think we can bet that Steve and Chin might be asking Adam some questions about what is going on. 

My favorite bits:

  • Max had a wild time in Mexico once upon a time 
  • Steve comparing one of the guys wife's yelling to Rachel and Danny. He was pretty accurate. 
  • Jerry's driving playlist 
  • Everything about the trio of Jake, Nelson and Mickey

What did you like most about the case this week? What did you think of Jake, Nelson and Mickey? Did any aspects of the case not work for you this week? 

If you didn't get the chance yet, remember you can watch Hawaii Five-0 online via TV Fanatic! 

Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday) Review

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jake: Glad to see you reining in those man boobs.
Mickey: You what this means? I hooked up last night.

Steve: Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: What?
Steve:Gracie will get her college degree online.
Steve: Why would you even say her name here?