Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Poster: Rejoice!

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Orange Is the New Black Season 3 returns on June 12.


That's certainly the feeling by way of the latest poster, featuring five of our favorite characters with some hidden goodies embedded in each of their saintly looks.

Orange is the New Black Poster

The official word from Netflix:

"Piper, Red, Crazy Eyes, Taystee, Poussey, Sophia, Nicky, Daya, Gloria, Big Boo, Pennsatucky and all of Litchfield's ladies are back for more drama and Alex makes her return and a new inmate, Stella (Ruby Rose) joins the gang."

As for all the tidbits in the poster, starting from the left, there's a baby bottle, a rattle, and Bennett's leg and a broken egg incorporated into Daya's votive candle. Alex's is rather sedate with a heart and money, while Piper's features a whopping diamond, her signature tools and perhaps a diploma. Crazy Eyes dual personality is prominent on her candle, while Red gets her potted plants, kitchen ware and the elusive chicken on her's.

Really, how cool are those candles and will they be for sale?

If your wondering why the focus on votive candles, Jenji Kohan's interest in faith will permeate throughout the third season. It should make for some fascinating storylines, right!

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