39 Shocking TV Deaths

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This is what the letters "OMG" were invented for.

Over the years, television has inundated viewers with one shocking death after another, with some shows specializing in stunning fans.

Game of Thrones offs characters left and right, and no season of Grey's Anatomy is complete without an epic natural disaster or killing.

Still, that doesn't mean those shows don't shock us with the lengths they will go to produce drama - and they are very far from alone.

Which of these memorable TV deaths was the most stunning? Which left your jaw affixed to the ground (possibly for years on end)?

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1. Dr. Derek Shepherd

Dr. Derek Shepherd
With Patrick Dempsey wanting off Grey's Anatomy, his beloved character was blindsided by a semi toward the end of Season 11.

2. Jon Snow

Jon Snow
Rest in peace, Jon Snow. It is definitely now official: no one is ever safe on Game of Thrones.

3. Will Gardner

Will Gardner
We never would have guessed Will Gardner would have been killed off of The Good Wife especially after everything Will and Alicia have gone through. It's a death which is still shocking and continues to play a big part in who Alicia is becoming.

4. Rita Morgan

Rita Morgan
Rita Morgan on Dexter was shocking because Dexter was a serial killer. Dammit, his people were, oddly enough, supposed to be safe! Seeing her dead in the tub was graphic, but it was the gut punch to Dexter that really hit home. How they played with our emotions through a killer was truly stunning.

5. Dr. Lance Sweets

Dr. Lance Sweets
Though constantly mocked for his youth and relative inexperience, Sweets became a beloved member of the Jeffersonian team. Unfortunately, he never saw his thirtieth birthday, as he was brutally murdered to cover up a conspiracy. Harry Nilsson's Coconut song will never be the same.

6. Moira Queen

Moira Queen
The death of Arrow's Moira Queen was shocking in its brutality. Her stabbing death was a knife to our hearts.

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