Scandal Round Table: Do You Trust Russell?

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David Rosen prepared to blow the B-613 takedown wide open on Scandal Season 4 Episode 18.

Elsewhere, Jake Ballard confirmed his status as Team White Hat after some seriously misleading previews from the week before. 

Join Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, Carla Day, and Miranda Wicker from TV Fanatic as they dish and discuss the latest developments to come out of Shondaland's White House...

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Honor Thy Father?"

Christine: Charlie and Huck both agreeing that bombings are the assassin’s cheat struck me as really funny for some odd reason. No one can say they don’t take their jobs seriously.

Jim: I enjoyed the twist of Jake saving David from his assistant/assassin. The entire episode they did a great job of making us think Jake was crazy, and in reality, he was always on their side.  

Carla: The moment when Jake revealed that he wasn't working against David and Huck. I didn't see that coming and was pleasantly surprised and relieved to find out Jake really is on the right side of this. It's a credit to the show that his character remains ambiguous enough that his motives can be questioned. 

Miranda: I loved Charlie telling Quinn, aka "Robin," to stay alive. I really, really want him to become a series regular because he brings such humor to this dark world in which these characters are often involved, especially Huck. 

Least favorite/Most disappointing scene?

Christine:  That it took so long to figure out that the Congressman was the murderer. I figured it out right from the beginning. It couldn’t have been the father. He only shot the man. As Huck said later, “Do you know what I would have done if that was my kid?”  If it had been the father, my guess is he would have made it hurt a whole lot more.

Jim: I'm with Christine, I knew it was the Congressman (he was her brother after all) right away, seemed like that really dragged it out.  

Carla: I didn't really enjoy the animosity between Mellie and her stepsister. Given all the campaigns that Fitz and Mellie have been through, it didn't make sense to me that she wouldn't have been taken care of before now. Despite not enjoying that, another favorite moment was how Fitz stepped up and took care of her for Mellie. 

Miranda: That final scene with Rowan at Olivia's door with Russell. I really need to know if Russell was sent by Rowan or if he's just an innocent bystander in all this mess. If Rowan sent ANOTHER man to sleep with his daughter I hope Olivia puts a bullet in him. Disgusting old creep.

How do you feel about the reveal that Olivia knew what Jake was doing?

Christine:  Confusing. Everyone is on a different page these days and it makes me dizzy.

Jim: I loved that David was the only one who really seems to know Olivia... Freaking David called it right all along!  

Carla: It's disappointing the OPA aren't all on the same page. It worked out this time, but it easily could have gone bad with lives lost because of the secret.

Miranda: I'm with you, Jim. I really loved that David was like "hey, guys??" and they were all "no." He was right. As for Olivia working with Jake, or at least knowing what he was doing, it seems stupid to me that she wouldn't guess or at least suspect she has a tail and that it's probably Jake. They've always been friends, even when they were sleeping together and he was claiming to love her, so I really like the idea that they're still friends now, even without the benefits. 

Is Russell one of Rowan's operatives or an innocent bystander?

Christine:  Yeah, Russell is probably a pawn of Rowan’s because Rowan controls everything! If he isn’t in Rowan’s back pocket then I’m really worried about his future.

Jim: Oh he's an operative of some sort.. Rowan doesn't do "innocent" as they are not dependable. 

Carla: I'd prefer that he be an innocent bystander because what kind of father sends an operative to seduce his own daughter?!? That said, Rowan would do that and probably did.

Miranda: I'll ditto what I said above. If Rowan has sent a second man to sleep with his daughter, he's a disgusting pig. I hope Russell is an innocent bystander and that the next scene we see isn't Rowan putting a bullet in his back right in front of Olivia.

What's Cyrus' next move now that Fitz is still standing beside Mellie?

Christine: Have Mellie’s back? I know. I’m a cockeyed optimist but I truly hope that Cyrus comes around and gets on #TeamMellie.

Jim: He either starts having Mellie's back like Christine mentioned, or I suspect he will find himself on the outside looking in - again.  

Carla: Cyrus won't back Mellie. This is a man who almost had his own husband murdered. He'll work to sabotage Mellie with the full expectation that he'll get away with it. I hope it's his ultimate downfall and gets kicked out of the White House to play another angle.

Miranda: Cyrus should launch his own campaign against Mellie. 

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Miranda Wicker was a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in 2017. Follow her on Twitter.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Olivia: Cyrus must be loving this.
Abby: He's like a stormchaser in a van hurling down the highway, face pressed up against the windshield, grinning wildly, waiting for everything to go to Hell and wanting to be there when it does.
Olivia: I've been in that van.

White hats, Jake. We get justice, no matter what.