21 Couples Whose Chemistry Flopped

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Check out these 21 couples who just didn't have that special spark.

1. Liz & Tom (The Blacklist)

Liz & Tom (The Blacklist)
Typically, the "husband with a hidden agenda" plot would be tantalizing and sexy, but for Tom and Liz it was kind of a snoozefest. We were totally invested in finding out what the hell Tom was up to, but as far as his relationship with Liz went, no one could really find the energy to care. Spy drama is always far more interesting than relationship drama anyways.

2. Klaus & Camille (The Originals)

Klaus & Camille (The Originals)
Try as they might, the writers just could not get the sexual chemistry between Klaus and Camille to work. She makes a good shrink (that whole family needs therapy to be honest), but romantically these two are not exactly made for each other. As a result, Klaus has taken a hiatus from any sexy times to focus on his darling daughter, leaving Cami without much to do...

3. Quinn & Huck (Scandal)

Quinn & Huck (Scandal)
Watch any love scene between Quinn and Huck, and you'll probably have to look away cringing. The open-mouthed kissing and face licks just aren't doing it for us. While we know this sexual relationship is supposed to be more twisted than charming (they've tortured each other after all), we still think it's gone a little too far. It's not "hot twisted" it's just kind of "gross twisted."

4. Jim & Barbara (Gotham)

Jim & Barbara (Gotham)
When Gotham first began, Jim and Barbara seemed happy enough with their quaint little romance, but as obstacles were placed before them, one thing became glaringly obvious: they didn't work well enough for the audience to even care about them, much less root for their reconciliation. Now we barely see Barbara, and honestly... it's not much of a loss for the show.

5. Stefan & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Stefan & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)
This one is sure to fuel lots of debate, as couples of The Vampire Diaries always do, but something is just NOT right with Steroline and their recent romantic entanglement. Maybe it's the platonic friendship they used to have, or maybe it's the lukewarm way Stefan seems to 'kinda sorta like' Caroline. But we can't be the only ones who feel like we're watching a brother and sister go at it when these two kiss, no matter how beautifully lit the scene is.

6. Carol & Daryl (The Walking Dead)

Carol & Daryl (The Walking Dead)
Don't get us wrong, Daryl and Carol are two of the best characters on the show, and their relationship is a favorite for anyone with a brain. But they've been teasing the will-they-won't-they of this pairing for three years now, and nada. We'd argue that's probably because while their connection is certainly deep and meaningful, their sexual chemistry is just left of center. Most people would rather see them hug it out than start banging.

7. Joey & Rachel (Friends)

Joey & Rachel (Friends)
Another case of friends gone romantic gone horribly wrong. Everyone's favorite sitcom was getting a little stale after nine years on the air, so the writers threw Joey and Rachel together to see if it would stick. And oh good lord, it did not. After just three episodes of trying to make it work, Rachel and Joey decided to go back to being friends and let their anti-chemistry stay where it belonged. Dead and buried.

8. Scott & Kira (Teen Wolf)

Scott & Kira (Teen Wolf)
Maybe we're still biased towards Allison -- may she rest in peace -- but the romance between Kira and Scott doesn't exactly spark fireworks. They're cute, but there's a fire missing there, and that kind of thing can't be faked. Lucky for them, there are usually too many supernatural shenanigans terrorizing Beacon Hills to focus very heavily on the relationships.

9. Aria & Jason (Pretty Little Liars)

Aria & Jason (Pretty Little Liars)
Here's another short relationship that burned out faster than you could blink, and thank goodness for that. Nothing can really compare to the chemistry that Aria and Ezra have, and Jason always seemed a little too hinky to be a viable romantic partner. Plus, the age gap somehow seemed creepier between Jason and Aria than Ezra and Aria. How did that happen?

10. Eddie & Iris (The Flash)

Eddie & Iris (The Flash)
Somehow, knowing Eddie was only around to be an obstacle for Barry and Iris made his relationship with our favorite leading lady less than drool-worthy. Add in the fact that he was her dad's partner, and it all just becomes a little weird. The chemistry could have saved them if it existed, but alas it did not.

11. Jack & Emily (Revenge)

Jack & Emily (Revenge)
We might need to duck and cover for this one, but Jack and Emily still make it on the list. Emily's devious personality doesn't really complement Jack's do-gooder nature very well, and their romantic tension is less than palpable. It's probably floating around somewhere out in the harbor with Jack's sunken boat. They might be endgame, but Jack and Emily just don't have that spark that draws us in.

12. Laurel & Oliver (Arrow)

Laurel & Oliver (Arrow)
The case of Laurel and Oliver was a rare one, where the sexual chemistry was there (in abundance) but the emotional chemistry was just not. Despite all the history and struggles they've experienced together, the connection between these two was just never enough. Oliver has amazing emotional relationships with every other character on the show, but Laurel somehow couldn't quite fit in.

13. George & Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)

George & Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)
If ever there was a literal black hole of chemistry between characters, it was Izzie and George. They even had to write it into the show that these two couldn't make it work sexually because their friendship was too deeply ingrained in them. The pairing was one of the shortest in Grey's history, and good riddance. Major flop.

14. Harvey & Donna (Suits)

Harvey & Donna (Suits)
Some say these two sizzle and some say they fizzle, but you have to admit that the joke is wearing a little thin. Donna feels too much like a mom character sometimes, constantly managing Harvey's life and cleaning up his messes. Plus, it's been YEARS already. Make it work or move on people, we've got cases to solve and mergers to manage!

15. Bonnie & Jeremy (The Vampire Diaries)

Bonnie & Jeremy (The Vampire Diaries)
This couple started out strong, working the "best friend and the little brother" vibe pretty well. Unfortunately, as the years dragged on their screen time disappeared, and their chemistry disappeared along with it. It's probably only because they didn't get enough attention, but eventually we just started wishing they'd quit the whole Beremy thing all together.

16. Wes & Rebecca (How To Get Away With Murder)

Wes & Rebecca (How To Get Away With Murder)
Their first sex scene was juxtaposed with an autopsy, and if that doesn't tell you all you need to know, I don't know what will. Luckily, the romance between Rebecca and Wes was built around the mystery of Lila's death, so their chemistry wasn't all that necessary in the first place. Actually, the lack of "oomph" behind the pairing probably helped ease things along when Wes all too quickly turned on Rebecca at the end of Season 1.

17. Dean & Lisa (Supernatural)

Dean & Lisa (Supernatural)
Was this chick actually supposed to be Dean's happily ever after? The kid and the apple pie and the stable household we get, but Lisa? Sorry boys and girls, but Dean's picture-perfect relationship held all the sexiness of the Volvo Station Wagon this couple probably drove. There are many, many other characters who probably should have taken priority in Dean's life.

18. Aurora & Philip (Once Upon a Time)

Aurora & Philip (Once Upon a Time)
Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming bring a classic love story to life on Once Upon a Time, and we'll likely be seeing more of them soon. But no matter how timeless the romance, this version of it just doesn't pull us in. Maybe it's because of the near-miss we got last season with Mulan and Aurora's potential romance. Now THAT is what we call a fairytale twist.

19. Clarke & Finn (The 100)

Clarke & Finn (The 100)
We feel bad speaking ill of the dead, but the love story between Clarke and Finn always felt slightly rushed and hollow. When compared to the crazy chemistry between Clarke and Lexa or Clarke and Bellamy, Finn just kind of seemed so-so. Regardless, the failed romance didn't make it any less tragic when Clarke had to sacrifice Finn to save her people's lives.

20. Skye & Ward (Agents of Shield)

Skye & Ward (Agents of Shield)
From practically the first episode, Skye and Ward were pushed together as the main pairing of this new show. Unfortunately, their relationship was just too nice and neat, and it failed to engage a lot of viewers. Now that Ward is evil and Skye is… well who knows what Skye is, they might work out better. But ultimately the chemistry just did not click in Season 1.

21. Casey & Dawson (Chicago Fire)

Casey & Dawson (Chicago Fire)
Casey and Dawson gave it a try. They tried harder than any couple could, but a relationship isn't created on trying, it's a natural chemistry between two people, and these two have felt forced since the onset. Dawson had an unrequited crush on Casey. Casey took notice after the death of his fiance, but it was too easy for outside influences to pull them apart. They just don't have it.

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