The Good Wife Round Table: WTH Just Happened?!?

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Alicia got blindsided in The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 19 by the people she thought had her back and the State’s Attorney’s position suddenly looks as though it’s lost for good.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Good Wife Twitter fans @Donnamour1969, @SambaJulianna, and @SarahLHW to debate whether they're disappointed in this new twist, if Peter is really as supportive as he appears and what’s Kalinda’s plan after “Winning Ugly"

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It looks as though Alicia won’t be State’s Attorney. Are you disappointed or relieved?

@Donnamour1969: I’m actually very disappointed. I would have loved seeing her in court against her former colleagues. They know each other's tricks.

@SambaJulianna: I really wanted to see Alicia as State’s Attorney, but I knew this would perhaps be only temporary. At first I was against the idea of having Alicia involved in politics, but gradually I began to try to see it as something good. What I really think was so sad was the way they destroyed her. Alicia is humiliated once again but I have the feeling she will start everything over.

@SarahLHW: I was so relieved. I think it was a good experience for her and it taught her a good lesson. I think we've lost a lot of the drama from the show and now she has to deal with the drama of Diane and Cary if she wants back into the firm. When she won, I was hoping that it would all blow up in her face and she would end up losing the race.

Christine:  I'm disappointed only because they put so much time into this storyline. On the upside, she’ll be back in the fray of things with the law firm she started, and as @SambaJulianna says, this will probably have the feeing of starting over, again. 

Do you think Peter is the supportive husband or did he know Alicia was going to lose against the party?

@Donnamour1969: I go back and forth on this one. Part of me thinks Peter is an incredibly selfish, petty, jealous man, who resents that his wife is better loved than he is. On the other hand, I really believe Peter loves Alicia, and I hope that he wouldn't have gone this far to help ruin her. I'm trying to be optimistic.

@SambaJulianna: Oh, that is an interesting question, I think he knows Alicia, he knows she was being honest and at the same time maybe he knew she was going to lose against the party because he knows the party, too. He could have known what was coming. Peter is not the best person in the world, so maybe he was only playing the supportive husband, too.

@SarahLHW:  I think Peter just wants to get Alicia back. Whether his feelings are genuine or not, I don't care... His intentions are not always good.

Christine: In the moment he told her to go back and fight, I loved him. For all of Peter’s flaws, I’ve always liked when he and Alicia work as a team. But then at the end, I really wondered if he knew he was sending her into a buzzsaw. He could still be angry about Will and looking to make her pay. With Peter, it really could go either way.

Kalinda is planning something. What do you think it is?

@Donnamour1969: She is going to turn state's evidence and get into a witness protection program, I'm guessing. 

@SambaJulianna: Jesus, I think she wants to kill Bishop! She will try to do it to save Diane, and Cary, too. Or maybe planning something to make Bishop disappear, or at least neutralize him.

@SarahLHW:  I have a feeling this is going to lead to Kalinda's exit from the show. Although I, like so many fans, am sad to see her go, I'm still really interested in seeing how she'll be written out.

Christine: My guess was the witness protection program as well…but with Kalinda you really never know!

Should Alicia have handled Grace’s questions differently?

@Donnamour1969: Yes. She should have told Grace she loved Will. Even though she was technically still cheating on her husband (though he himself was the cheater first), I think Grace would have understood and maybe sympathized more with her mother if she'd known how much Alicia had loved Will and that she didn't get into that relationship lightly.

@SambaJulianna: In my opinion, no. I loved that scene, because for the first time Alicia was saying the truth to Grace about Will. She admitted to her daughter what she did and what happened.

@SarahLHW:  I think she should've been more honest and told Grace her true feelings. I think Alicia has lost almost everyone that she can share her deep dark secrets with and Grace is one of the last people who cares about her feelings. Alicia should confide in Grace more often.

Christine: I’m with @Donnamour1969. Grace needed to hear that their were real feelings involved. That this wasn’t just sex because that’s all that comes across in those emails. The poor kid. Her father cheated on her mother with hookers and now her mom’s affair with her boss is out there for everyone to see. That’s got to be tough for any teenager to deal with. 

Was there anything in “Winning Ugly” that disappointed you?

@Donnamour1969: More Finn and Alicia please! Other than that, it was a great episode with a shocking ending when her attorney turned on her, and she turned to Peter for comfort.

@SambaJulianna: Nope. Even suffering, watching the whole episode and feeling I could die crying, the episode was amazing.

@SarahLHW: Peter and Alicia are getting close again and I have a bad feeling that's not going to end up where we want her to end up. Also if we never see an Alicia/Kalinda scene again I'm going to have to punch a wall. A mere phone call doesn't count.

Christine: I have to admit, it was riveting. As much as the ending hurt, I couldn’t look away. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

@Donnamour1969: The twist at the end. When the Democratic party turned on her and even lied to get their way. It was horrible for Alicia, but dramatically, it was incredible, and showed the sad reality of politics today.

@SambaJulianna: "And here we are, back again. Right at the beginning." When Geneva told Diane that she had to testify against Bishop, because I think that is a perfect quote to define what is to come. All Julianna’s scenes, especially that one in which she is watching TV and they are talking about her.

@SarahLHW:  I think the stories are finally coming back together and seeing Kalinda and Diane and the rest of the firm come back together made me really happy. On the Alicia hand, I thought when her "representative" went against her without even telling her and seeing how bad Alicia actually wanted to win broke my heart but I thought it was really well executed and performed. 

Christine:  "Life…sucks." When Eli said that, I had no idea how bad things were yet to become, but boy, those two simple words were telling. 

Check back in with us on Sunday, April 26th for our review of The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 20 and if you can’t wait for more drama, you can watch The Good Wife online now, here at TV Fanatic. 

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