Chicago PD Round Table: Lindsay's Descent

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Will Lindsay get help before it's too late?

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 23 found her continuing to struggle after Nadia's murder and she dipped back to her old ways. There was also a chilling case that had to be dealt with.

Below, TV Fanatics Doug Wolfe, Stacy Glanzman and Mary Kate Venedam are joined by super fan Ann to chat about Lindsay's descent, the case of the week and Burgess' new role.

Chicago PD 1-27-15

Discuss Lindsay's descent into her old ways.

Doug: Wow. As tortured as she was, I just didn’t see that coming. Maybe we should have gotten a clue when she sought solace from the one person she absolutely should have avoided: her mother.

Stacy: I kind of did see it coming, mostly because the show runners have been teasing that Lindsay was going to spiral after the death for awhile now. Lindsay's really struggling with her guilt and grief and she's dealing with it the only way she knows how.

Mary Kate: It's not good that's for sure. I don't who will be able to help her most. I hope it is Jay, but my guess it'll be herself or Voight. Definitely not her mom since she is enabling Lindsay's descent.

Ann: Lindsay blames herself, i.e., comment at the end, "I got her killed." He was looking at her when he left the station his word "HELLO," so, yes, Lindsay is making the descent into her old ways, with the help of her lovely mother. I think Bunni will use this to her advantage until something drastic happens.

How will Halstead react to her tryst?

Doug: He’ll be hurt for sure, until he gets an understanding of the whole picture and realizes her actions weren’t so much a matter of disloyalty as it was a cry for help. I wonder if her colleagues will understand that her demand that the guy with a gun to her head shoot wasn’t strategy; and that in fact that was her wish at the moment.

Stacy: I'm sure he'll be hurt if he finds out, but they're not together, so it's not like she cheated on him. He's an understanding guy and he'll get that she's just grasping at straws right now and none of this is about him or how she feels about him.

Mary Kate: I think he's going to try his best to help her. Unfortunately, I don't see her being that receptive to any help he plans on offering, at first. Maybe he'll be able to help her at a later point.

Ann: He loves her, and I am sure he will be hurt just because they aren't together. He still is with her in his mind. He will get a grasp on what happened, and he will try to help her as much as he can. However, I don't see that happening at any rate of speed. Hopefully he can bring her out of the deep hole that she is falling into. Or maybe Teddy might be a helpful option since he has been there, done that. She still loves him. She has just taken a wrong turn now.

Will Burgess keep her current position in intelligence?

Doug: I think she’ll prove to be up to the task, which Voight is astute enough to have realized already, or he wouldn’t have put her there. So yes, I think she’s there to stay.

Stacy: I hope so. She's worked hard for the spot and she'll fit in well. Hopefully they can add another position to intelligence so Atwater can come back too.

Mary Kate: Well, if Lindsay's descent keeps on, there could be another opening in Intelligence for Burgess to take over. I can also see Voight somehow making room for her or she'll realize that she prefers to be on patrol. I'm not sure yet.

Ann: For now she has no choice and she was gonna take this position before she felt sorry for Roman. I think she will do a great job at this, if she wants it. I think Burgess likes being on patrol more, otherwise she would have taken that job when first offered. It all remains to be seen, but if she stays, she will nail it.

What are your thoughts on the case of the week?

Doug: I thought it was believable. This was a group of desperate people doing desperate things, since clearly the justice system had proven useless. However, they crossed the line as soon as they start their killing spree, and for that there’s no turning back. It’s not very often we see a criminal (or in this case a group of criminals) for whom we can empathize. I fully expected Voight to go “full Voight” on the one they initially captured and was surprised when he didn’t.

Stacy: It was an interesting case, but I didn't really understand the guy who put the gun to Lindsay's head. She had moved on past him with her search, so why come up behind her with the gun at all? He could have just waited until she left and then moved on to his actual target without her ever knowing he was even there. Plus, the whole thing with her telling him to shoot her doesn't work when there are two more armed cops with guns on him. If he had shot her, they would have taken him out. The scene was great for the dramatic element, but it really didn't make any sense.

Mary Kate: I liked it. I was very interested in it from the beginning and there were plenty of shocks like Jay killing the guy and Lindsay basically asking the guy to shoot her. This was one of the more interesting cases outside of the crossovers. It was different than what they have done before.

Ann: WOW, it sure was different and interesting. She is back to her dark hole, and she isn't going to let go for a while. I think she really wanted that guy to shoot her. She was feeling guilty for the night she spent at Bunni's, and then that dumb ass put pills in her hand. I think she will work through this as she did previously when she was 14 and on drugs. It's gonna take some time for sure. I agree with Stacy, it was great for the dramatic element, but it didn't really make any sense.

Will Voight be able to pull Lindsay back before it's too late?

Doug: I think we’ve already reached “too late,” as she’s already bitten the forbidden fruit. The question now is: can he resurrect her? I’m not sure he has what it takes to do that, he’s not a trained therapist, which is clearly what she needs right now. I see her going further down the rabbit hole, while both Voight and Halstead pull their hair out in frustration trying to figure how to get her back.

Stacy: It's not too late until she's dead or in jail, so yes, I think Voight will pull her back. I'm not sure how exactly, but he's done it once before, and she trusts him more than anyone, so he's the best candidate to help her get her life back on track. I do agree with Doug that she needs a therapist, as well.

Mary Kate: Like I said earlier, I think Voight will try and he won't give up until he succeeds. I think he's worked too hard to get Lindsay where she is now to see her destroy her life over it. Compared to Jay, maybe Lindsay would be more receptive to his help.

Ann: Doug is right, she has already bitten the bitter fruit. She does need someone to lean on, and I am not sure Voight is the right person. I think more Halstead, or a combination of both of them, maybe a little Platt intertwined in there. I see her falling further into the darkness before the light can shine on her, but until then, she needs to make the break from her mother or possibly Teddy could help, he has been through it all, and he seemed to be working on the straight and narrow now. But she needs therapy to back them up.

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