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RIP agent. Rest in peace.

DuringĀ NCIS Season 12 Episode 23, the team suffered a significant loss of someone in their Cyber division. The only clues we'll give here are he's a male and he's a probationary agent. Sniff, sniff. He never even made it to the big time!

While on a mission with McGee in Cairo, Egypt, he was blown up by one of the S-bombs the team was hunting down.

Gibbs took the time to reflect on all of the agents he's lost over the last 12 years and will lead to a big moment for him in next week's finale. Find out exactly how this emotional farewell drives the team into the finale when you watch NCIS online via TV Fanatic. Click below to get started.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 23 Quotes

Gibbs: Did you write that?
Luke: Yes!
Gibbs: You want to finish it before I show it to them?
Luke: Who?
Gibbs: Your parents. What's wrong? It's for them, isn't it? You did everything you're supposed to. Disowned everyone who isn't the calling? It's what Samar wants, right?
Luke: Please don't show it to them.
Gibbs: Oh no, it's already been decided.
Luke: Don't....DON'T!
Gibbs: Hey! You said you wanted to die. What would your parents think if they heard that? You broke their hearts.
Luke: The kids at school hate me. They kept telling me to go back to Iraq. I don't know what to do anymore.
Gibbs: You talk to me. Where is Samar?
Luke: If I tell you what I know, will you take me to see my parents?
Gibbs: Yeah.

Rousseau: You ask about the United States. You ask the wrong questions.
McGee: Then why don't you set me straight.
Rousseau: When you plan a big party, there are many details to discuss over many lines. It is impossible to keep them secret. You left the party to be with me today, no? I'm sorry you're missing our contribution to the fun.
McGee: Guard! I need a phone!