Supernatural Round Table: Into Darkness

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The Darkness has been unleashed on Supernatural.

Dean may have had the Mark of Cain removed, but it seems a more powerful force has arrived as a consequence. Plus, did Death die?

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 23 was full of major moments, and TV Fanatic staff writer Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky are ready to talk about the finale.

Join in the latest Supernatural Round Table to discuss “Brother’s Keeper.”

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: Oh, I’m a sucker for brotherly melodrama. Sam on his knees, tears in his eyes, waiting for his brother to kill him. Dean’s ready to do it, after all, it’s for the greater good, but one look at those photos that Sam pulled out of his pocket and he couldn’t. It may seem predictable, but the way they built things up over the last several weeks, I seriously believed that Dean would have killed Sam. I guess raising that doubt was the point, proving again that no matter what, love and family triumphs all.   

Nightsky: “Sammy, close your eyes.” That was the emotional climax of the episode for me. Those words and Jensen’s eyes showed RealDean’s empathy for his brother mixed with MarkedDean’s cold, calculated resolve. Combined with Sam’s tears, that entire scene melts my heart.

Sean: Though I thought the scene where the Darkness was all over and coming towards Sam and Dean, for me the best moment was Sam and Dean at the bar. It was just so engrossing seeing those two sort of square off and then come together again. Family definitely won out in the end, and it was great to see that emotional moment between the brothers.

What did you think of the Sam and Dean showdown at the bar?

Alice: The whole scene is captivating. So much came out in that little time.  Dean raised some very great questions. Who is the real evil? Sam was willing to take some mighty big risks to save Dean, including unleashing the darkness on the world. With all the stuff he’s seen in his lifetime, I find it strange that Sam was willing to believe that it wasn’t real. Still, I loved that Sam wouldn’t give up on Dean and left it up to his big brother to decide whether he lived or died. He still has his full faith in his bro, no matter what.  It’s saved him before, but now the question is, will the cost be worth it this time? 

Nightsky: Overall, it was very powerful. Sam’s dialog and Jared’s acting were both superb. I was disappointed and confused by Dean’s dialogue, though. I was left unsure if Dean’s accusations to Sam were caused by the Mark, or if they were Dean’s own harsh judgments, mostly because Dean himself cast doubt by saying “it sure felt like me”. I don’t think fans were ever convinced of the validity of Sam’s “monstrous” acts, so bringing them up again lessened the moment. The fight, tension and climax of the scene were all flawless, though.

Sean: Like I mentioned before, this was a fantastic scene. Both Sam and Dean had plenty to say and both actors really brought their A game for the moment. From the dialogue to the fist fight, these brothers were putting it all out there, and then for them to come to the conclusion about family was the right way to go. Such a great moment and definitely a memorable one.

Is Death dead?

Alice: Absolutely not. To kill him would violate one of the most coveted rules in the universe. You can’t kill Death. Besides, all the other horsemen aren’t dead either, just wallowing in obscurity. They well established in season five you can’t kill a horseman. All the way back in season two they established that reapers can create illusions, so I’m betting that’s exactly what Death did, knowing what Dean would do. However, this does put Sam and Dean on very bad terms with the grim one now. This can’t be good.

Nightsky: Um….No? Wouldn’t that mean that no one could ever die again? Would Death have been so naïve as to give the brothers who previously “burned” him the real scythe?

Sean: I feel like no, though it was a shock to see him crumble. That just seems to easy, but there’s definitely going to be something major that happens because of that move. I’m curious where that will go.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Darkness as the next big bad?

Alice: Yes, and no. To me the whole idea is very, very exciting. The first evil, older than the earth itself! And naturally, the Winchesters let it loose. They do have this nasty habit of breaking the world. This opens up tons of possibilities!

However, I’ve been fooled before. Angels falling to earth opened up lots of possibilities and nothing came of it, neither did the “Year of the Deanmon.” I’m very skeptical this writing team can handle something this ambitious. 

Nightsky: If they play it right, it could be spectacular. It has to be treated with the dignity befitting something that was set up on such an epic scale. It can’t be reduced to a cartoonish villain, like the Leviathans, nor dispatched too easily, like the 7 Deadly Sins.

Sean: I’m intrigued. I like the concept but I’m just hoping the execution of it all works. I’m a bit worried they could turn into the Leviathan, but there are a lot of possibilities that could come with facing off against The Darkness and I’m looking forward to seeing that explored further.

Were you surprised Rowena survived the finale and got away?

Alice: No, but I find that disappointing as well. It means she lives and she’s been more annoying than entertaining this season. She did prove in this episode what a force she can be, but I’m not looking forward to more antics from her. Hopefully she’ll be taken down by Crowley and his new pet hamster. 

Nightsky: As a character, yes. Her whining annoys me to no end, so I was disappointed that I’ll have to put up with it again next season. As a plot device, though, she makes a great deal of sense. A powerful witch, Crowley’s mother, the liberator of the Darkness – that all leads to great stories.

Sean: Yes, I really thought they would be done with her, and I unfortunately haven’t been a fan of her character. I guess that it makes sense to further establish her power as a witch, but I can’t say I’m jumping up and down to see more from her. But, you never know, it could all turn around.

What are your hopes for Supernatural Season 11?

Alice: If season 10 taught us one thing, it’s that these storylines are getting a bit tired. There was still some very good moments, but they fell among a lot of weak stuff. I’d like to see better stories. I’d like to see Sam and Dean fighting side by side, taking on this new evil with the resolve that they’ll go down swinging. I’m hoping they’ll be smarter and more clever with their tactics, like using the resources the Men of Letters archives offer. They can form new allies, or even contact old ones (the Judah Initiative please!). Castiel and Crowley can join on the fun too, because it’s going to take Heaven, Hell, and Earth to beat this. Or, they could all just go bowling. Something tells me I just uncovered the plot to episode three. 

Nightsky: My #1 hope is that the brothers reconcile and work together. The secrets, passive aggressive sniper fire and judgmental blaming has gone on long enough. I want them to be a family again, teaming against evil. I need Dean to apologize for all the hateful, spiteful things MarkedDean said to Sam. I will be despondent if Dean actually blames Sam for the Darkness, and if Sam continues to accept blame for Charlie’s death.

Sean: I’m really hoping that with Sam and Dean coming back together, this means that Season 11 will be the two on the same team for pretty much the entire season. There can be a bit of drama here and there, but I’d be far more interested to see them teamed up and figuring out to take down the Darkness or any other smaller foe along the way. And with the Darkness, I’m really hoping this will be a solid story arc for the whole season. I’m very optimistic after the finale, but hope that Season 11 can hold strong with an exciting and interesting story.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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