The Flash Round Table: What's a Grodd? Grodd is Great!

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 21 Round Table, the panelists are talking about Grodd, Iris' reaction to the Barry being The Flash, what's next for Eobard and driving motivations into the finale.

Join the round table team Robin Harry, Tanya Moat, Jim Garner, Hank Otero and Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast so you can be a part of the fun! Put your thoughts into the comments. Have a go of it!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Grodd?

Robin: I loved Grodd. It's a very different origin story from the one I'm used to, but I loved how they've started him off, somewhat telekinetic but still more gorilla than man. It gives the show so much room to develop him into the supervillain he eventually becomes. I also love that he hates bananas. Crush those stereotypes, Grodd!

Tanya: From a VFX standpoint, he looked great. I was a little worried because it could have been man in gorilla suit bad, but these guys have done a tremendous job overall, so I shouldn't have been concerned. I thought his channeling through General Eisling was fantastic. This felt a bit like a tease, which just makes me want more of him.

Andy: I second Robin – it's definitely a different origin from the comics, but I am so down with the TV version of Grodd. Armen and his amazing VFX deserves more than an Emmy for their great work on this show: they deserve an Academy Award, that's how good it is. I like that they have only given us Grodd in small portions prior to this episode so this really felt like a nice reward. I think creative wise, everything we got of him here was not too little nor too much. This will be a nice setup for his possibly bigger role in The Flash Season 2 – it would be sort of cool if they started to set up a potential Gorilla City adaptation.

Hank: All season long I was worried Grodd would look a little cheesy, but the VFX team nailed it. The Flash has some pretty eclectic villains, yet the creative team have made them all work really well. I thought for a second the train killed Grodd and was happy to see he'll return in the future.

Jim: I guess we all agree, he looked great! I'm glad that the show is taking their own spin on Grodd, I will say that this one is pretty dang scary!

What was your overall impression of Iris' dealing with Barry being the Flash?

Robin: I know there are an army of Iris defenders that frequent this page, but I'm gonna say it anyway; Iris is petulant and entitled, and even when she has a great point (they really, really should have told her ages ago), she goes about dealing with it in her usual annoying way. What possible reason could she have for blaming her father for Eddie's disappearance – there is no logic on the planet that makes this Joe's fault, even with minimal information. And for all her talk about people lying to her (which they honestly shouldn't have), she conveniently had no answer when Barry asked her about her feelings. But I guess that's alright because she's Iris.

Tanya: Relief. Lots and lots of relief because it's about time! Honestly, she probably handled it better than I would have, so points to Iris. I didn't quite buy Barry's excuse that Iris kept secrets from him. He only knows she harbors romantic feelings for him because of time travel. I don't think she lied to him at least not intentionally. She's still sorting through her changing feelings for him, potentially going from friend/brother to lover takes time. I'm glad she was able to be an asset while also understanding the danger Barry and company put themselves in to protect Central City.

Andy: I couldn't have been happier with how they wrote Iris in this episode because everything she said to almost everyone on Team Flash was valid. She had every reason to be upset because literally, these are the people she spends time with the most (maybe not as much as with Cisco and Caitlin, but you get my drift). She also proves them how useful she can be to this team, now that she knows – when they are trying to locate Grodd and where her dad is at, she shows up and uses her journalist skills to track them down. I honestly think that the truth about any superhero's secret identity can protect their loved ones better as opposed to not telling them at all and I think Iris was the perfect example here. I hope to see her be part of Team Flash as much as possible because that will also help with the healing part of this situation between her and Barry.

Hank: Unfortunately, I think both DC and Marvel have issues bringing their heroines to life. I'm not wild about the way Iris has been written this season. I'll say it again, that's not a reflection on Candice Patton who I think is wonderful. Now that Iris knows Barry's big secret, I hope she becomes part of the team and much more likeable. It's taken three seasons of Arrow for me to like Laurel, better late than never I guess.

Jim: I'm with Robin on this one, Iris has been like a petulant child to Eddie about his secret and she was being a bit self righteous over Barry not telling her. They may be best friend and grew up together but that doesn't mean she's entitled to know all of Barry's secrets. That being said, had she not shunned his affections at Christmas I feel certain he would have told her shortly after.

What did Eobard get that's allowing him to go home and what's next for him with regard to the team?

Robin: It seemed that he created some kind of key that might have reactivate the particle accelerator or something like it. I think he needs Barry's speed to help him time travel. How exactly he's going to do that is beyond me.

Tanya: I have no idea, which is both frustrating and exciting. I worry now that Eobard won't be around next season and Tom Cavanaugh has been such an integral part of the show's success in my mind. Maybe they can keep him in a cell and he can be Barry's Hannibal Lector.

Andy: Was it just me or was he down in the pipeline at the very end of the episode? I wasn't sure either what that key was and what its role is, but I'm sensing that he is right now going to be the cause of what will happen in next week's episode "Rogue Air."

Hank: No idea, I'm sure that's one of the first things that will be cleared up next week. I agree with Robin that Barry's speed will come into play somehow. I can't wait to find out if Barry saves his mother and we end up with an alternate timeline for Season 2. How exciting would that be?

Jim: I'm guessing he need some sort of "speed bubble" Barry can create to go home. What the cylinder is, and why he made it, I have no clue. And if Hank is right and Barry saves his mom, will that mean Dr. Wells will also be saved?

What affected you most about "Grodd Lives"?

Robin: Besides my palpable irritation with almost everything Iris? I loved the interaction between Eobard Thawne and Eddie. Eddie had some serious sass going on, but Eobard really hit him where it hurts, telling him how forgettable he becomes and how he loses Iris to Barry after everything.

Tanya: I liked that Grodd seemed more than a psychotic beast. I want to know more about his relationship with his "father" and what he wants. It was also good the team managed okay without Wells, although I highly recommend that they increase security. People shouldn't just be able to walk in!

Andy: Definitely Iris's role in the whole episode but also the Thawnes because man, that got freaky with how Harrison/Eobard just dumped crap at Eddie by revealing his future and what Iris and Barry will be up to. Grodd was a ton of tun to watch because like Tanya said: the presentation of him being more of a psychotic beast was what made him such a cool villain here and that's not even half of the awesomeness that Grodd comes with, especially if you read the comics.

Hank: Everything about Grodd worked for me. I hope we get to see him flee to Gorilla City before the season ends. I wonder if Grodd will begin building his army at some point, that would rock! I guess it depends on whether or not there's a reboot in the finale. As far as the romance, I'm glad Iris knows yet it's mostly so she will fit into the show better not for the lovey-dovey angle.

Jim: I'm glad Iris knows that Barry is the Flash and that everyone else knows that Iris knows. After watching how she coached him through the mental attack, maybe there is room for her on support team after all.

Is it the search for Eobard to keep him from killing Barry in the future the driving force into the finale, or pinning the murder of Nora on him...what's the urgency as we move into the final two episodes? 

Robin: I think there are a few things driving towards the finale. For one, there's the need to find Eobard, thus clearing Barry's dad, rescuing Eddie, and stopping what will probably be another city-wide disaster if Eobard starts up the particle accelerator again. Then there's Grodd on the loose, jumping buildings like another giant fictional ape. I think there's quite a bit at stake.

Tanya: I'd assume Barry's mission to prove his father innocent is still his top priority. This episode seem more about getting Iris in the loop, than creating urgency around the finale. I'm glad she is in the know, but it might have been better if it happened a few weeks ago, so these last few episodes did have a clear goal and urgency.

Andy: I think next week's episode will be what sets up the season finale on May 19th. I do think Barry's goal right now is to stop Eobard once and for all because he knows that he killed Nora, but knowing Eobard – he isn't going to make things easy at all, hence what we are getting next week. I do wonder though if he might use Eddie against Team Flash in some capacity because that would be an interesting way to hint whether or not Eddie might head into a villainous path sometime soon.

Hank: Stopping the Reverse Flash is definitely still the endgame. I agree with Andy, I think the next episode will set up the finale better. As I mentioned, I can't help wonder if Barry saves his mother and creates an alternate timeline. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. I'd love to see some version of The Flashpoint Paradox on TV. Either way, I'm sure the finale is going to be spectacular.

Jim: The show's intro talks about Barry clearing his dad's name. I still think that is a huge point but, at this point finding Eddie and stopping the Reverse Flash is probably number one on Barry's to do list for the finale, We will just have to see how the next episode goes to know for sure.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Eddie: I don't suppose you brought lunch.
Harrison: Do you know human beings can survive up to two months without food?
Eddie: Is that how long you plan on keeping me here?

Barry: I can only imagine how angry you are.
Iris: I'm not angry, Barry. I'm just disappointed.