The Messengers Round Table: Between a Meteor and a Hard Place

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Raul's and Vera's troubled pasts were explored on the The Messengers Season 1 Episode 3

In this week's Round Table discussion, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Paul Dailly, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Amanda Steinmetz talk about Vera's gift, speculate about the mysterious meteor, and which character they want the show to focus on next.

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The Messengers Round Table

What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Jim: I really enjoyed Raul confronting the dirty cop. He has gotten a handle on his gift pretty quickly and seeing him use it to try and save his brother was pretty cool.

Paul: I liked Vera's flashback scene at dinner. She was being dumped, but she managed to chuck a glass of bubbly over her now ex.

Ashley: My favorite was when Vera found out the truth about why her ex broke up with her in the first place. It was heartbreaking when he asked her if he did the right thing, assuming she had a family of her own. Great scene.

Amanda: For some reason, I actually really liked the ending. The homeless woman singing and then Peter getting arrested. It made me curious if the woman will be play a larger role later on. 

Vera's gift is spirit walking! Do you like this gift, and what are the possible downsides?

Jim: It is an interesting gift. The biggest downside I see is that she has to leave her body some place where it could be harmed or moved. Hopefully spirit walking comes with some basic feel of your body being in trouble and she can return quickly when required.

Paul: I like it, but I didn't like the poor special effects that came with it. As Jim said, the body could be easily harmed or moved. It probably won't work too well in the presence of our good friend Lucifer.

Ashley: Yeah, that part of it is definitely the downside. I was also a little confused by it, to be honest. I'm interested to see how she uses it in future episodes.

Amanda: I think it has a lot of potential to be useful, but I agree with everyone else in that having to leave her body lying around isn't a good thing. She's bound to wake up in the wrong hands one these episodes. 

The meteor possesses some powers of its own. How will it fit into the story line of good vs evil?

Jim: Well, it made flowers grow and an apple wilt and die, seems like it has already showed us how it will fit into the story on either side of the equation.

Paul: It will surely bring good and bad things. Could it somehow disable our Messengers' abilities? Possibly.

Ashley: It's definitely going to make things more complicated, and I could see it posing a very real life or death threat to one of them before the season is over.

Amanda: That's an interesting point, Paul. That would cause a lot of problems for the heroes if it messed with their powers. Maybe the meteor can be good or evil depending on who it's near or who uses it. 

Who do you think the Horseman of War is? The Prime Minister? The Senator? Or someone else?

Jim: The Prime Minister and the Senator seem too obvious to me, I'm suspecting it is one of their assistants or someone we haven't met yet (like a spouse).

Paul: Yeah, it'd be too easy to rule the Prime Minister or the Senator. It's someone else.

Ashley: I agree with Jim and Paul. I at least hope that the answer won't be that simple.

Amanda: Looks like we all agree. It has to be someone else because both are too obvious. 

Vera and Raul took center stage in the episode. Which character's past do you want explored next?

Jim: I have no preference as long as they keep focusing on one or two of the team. By focusing on two of the messengers helped the story move more easily and flowed the best of any episode so far!

Paul: I agree with Jim, though I'd quite like Lucifer's explored. I know he's not exactly one of the Messengers, but it'll be interesting.

Ashley: I think I'd like to see Joshua's story next. I also agree with the fact that it's good we aren't trying to focus on everyone all at once. One or two at a time means we get to explore the characters more fully.

Amanda: I'm with Ashley. I'd like to learn more about Joshua's past, especially since he grew up in such a religious family. Also because now his relationship with his father and wife is so screwed up. I agree that focusing on one or two characters at a time is the best way to go! 

Amanda Steinmetz was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She went into retirement in June of 2027. Follow her on Twitter.

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