The Originals: Watch Season 2 Episode 21 Online

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Way to go, Klaus! 

That's right, guys, in The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 Klaus did his own thing, as always, and although it was kind of predictable, he aligned with absolutely no one.

Klaus decided to get revenge for being daggered while making Dahlia think she was getting what she wanted out of their so-called deal. Pretty good set up, right?

Well, almost, because someone died in the middle of the deal and that means a couple we were growing to love won't be around any longer. But there is more good news to top off the unexpected death. 

Rebekah is back in her original body! Oh, isn't that enough to make you press play right this very minute? Sure it is. Watch The Originals online right now to see how it all went down.

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