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Davina and Rebekah work to unlink the body of Eva Sinclair from the kids she channeled on The Originals Season 2 Episode 21. Vincent stands watch to help them if they need it. Meanwhile, a storm blows into New Orleans, much to Dahlia's pleasure. Elijah, Rebekah, Freya, and Marcel learn that Klaus has escaped his casket and know that he'll be angry at their betrayal.

The storm which rages all over the bayou prevents Hayley and the wolves from escorting Hope to safety. Mary has returned to help protect the baby. They know that Klaus is awake and that it's time to move despite the storm. Hayley and Jackson decide to leave the pack in order to get away more quickly. 

Cami gets the call that Klaus is free and a request to try and talk to him if he shows. When she calls, Klaus doesn't answer. Dahlia wants the child handed over to her immediately but Klaus says he has a plan to rid them of his siblings and Hayley. Freya warns them that Klaus will go after Hayley and then reveals her plan to render Dahlia mortal. 

Klaus visits Marcel first, breaking his neck in order to buy them time to put their plan to get information from him into action. Across the river, Freya puts her plan into action. Klaus bleeds Marcel free of vervain so that he can be compelled then sets his sights on Gia, upon whom he has fed, planning to use her against Elijah.

Davina agrees to become regent if the covens will accept her. Hayley tries to free Jackson of his obligation to protect her but finds she can't get rid of him that easily. 

Rebekah performs the spell to draw Dahlia to the compound. It works and Dahlia appears, believing Freya to be in possession of the baby. Hayley and Jackson make it safely across the river. Vincent presents Davina to the covens as regent and they are reluctant to accept her as his alternative.

Freya has difficulty luring Dahlia into the triangle which will render her mortal, and once she finally does, Marcel interrupts Rebekah's spell, causing the golem Freya holds to disintegrate into sand. Klaus and Elijah fight while Dahlia and Freya face off. Dahlia puts Freya into her slumber early. Klaus forces Gia to burn herself to ash while Elijah watches. 

Cami arrives at the compound asking Klaus to stop. When she says she trusts him and knows he won't hurt her, he feeds on her. Marcel is instructed to kill Rebekah should she try to escape and Dahlia uses Klaus' blood to track Hope. Hayley and Jackson try to decide where to go to be safe from Dahlia. Hayley tells Jackson she loves him.

Rebekah and Marcel discuss how she'll get free without him killing her thanks to Klaus' compulsion. She believes that killing the body of Eva Sinclair is exactly what Klaus wants Marcel to do, forcing her to wake up in her old body, unable to have children and resurrect Kol, but able to fight against Dahlia.

Hayley decides on Alaska just as they hear a man screaming and find Klaus there ripping the throats out of the wolves. Jackson tells Hayley to take Hope and Mary and run while he and the wolves hold Klaus back. Hayley sees red smoke and knows that Dahlia is there. She entrusts Hope to Mary and returns to fight. 

Klaus' plan for Hayley was never to kill the mother of his child but to turn her and their entire pack into wolves full time except on the full moon. 

Davina is made Regent of the covens and vows vengeance on Klaus Mikaelson for all he's done against the witches. Klaus finds Hope in the back of the truck just as Cami wakes up, remembering a message he gave to her when he fed. 

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