Stitchers Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Stitcher in the Rye

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What the heck just happened!?

Who else is still trying to catch their breath after watching Stitchers Season 1 Episode 5? The one thing I absolutely love about this show is when you think you have things figured out, they throw you a curve ball.

Even though we were provided a nice amount of drama, we were still given the laughs thanks to Camille and Linus – best couple ever!

Let's not waste any more time and discuss tonight's crazy episode which left you with more questions than answers.

It never fails. I always find myself enjoying the friendship growing between Kirsten and Camille. The funny thing about both women is they don't realize how similar they are. You have to appreciate how honest Camille was about opening Kirsten's mail.

It doesn't surprise me at all that she goes through Kirsten's mail or her justification of borrowing Kirsten's shirt. 

Kirsten: Who said you could open my stuff?
Camille: Force of habit, at least now I don't need to re-seal it and pretend it didn't happen.

The case of the week was interesting, the murder of a conspiracy theorist, because the stitcher program is something every conspiracy theorist would go crazy over. What I've enjoyed on Stitchers is how they showcase the differences between everyone. In the case of Justin, it was jumbled with words and paranoia.

I was actually worried about Kirsten for a second when things were starting to go out of whack.

Detective Fisher, Cameron and Kirsten all had to see the food truck was rigged to explode. Justin was shown as someone with severe paranoia – of course he's going to blow up his truck to keep the wrong people out.

The stitcher team trying to come up with how to read the "ancient" floppy disk was hilarious – I had flashbacks of using them in school.

Camille: [looking at the floppy disk] I think I read about it once.
Linus: What kind of dark magic is this?
Cameron: Linus, do we even have anything that can play this?
Linus: Uh, let me jump in my Delorean, I'll go back to the future and see if I can grab it.
Cameron: We gotta tell Maggie, she's not gonna be happy.
Linus: Say something like, 'Maggie, you look lovely today, but this ancient disk of Justin's can't be read by any of our fancy government technology.'
Maggie: So what did you get off the disk?
Kirsten: Nothing, that ancient disk can't be read by anything in our lab.
Cameron: Did I mention you're looking lovely today?

It was interesting listening to Kirsten explain the random memories she was having while stitched to Justin. It makes sense memories she blocked out would come back to the surface, but what is she not remembering?

Kirsten is going to be our key in solving what happened to Ed. I'm looking forward to diving into her memories and seeing how she lived her life. Kirsten has shown growth by talking about her feelings with Cameron and knowing she can trust him.

Who else was surprised by the twist of the floppy disk? I wasn't expecting it to have the algorithm for the stitcher program. Kirsten trying to accuse Cameron of being the leak was rather comical – like he'd really leak the information.

It was also amusing having Kirsten hack into Linus' computer, considering he'd immediately know if someone was trying to access his information. At least Kirsten and Cameron both know about Camille and Linus.

Cameron: You're OK with co-workers dating?
Kirsten: Yeah. I'm not OK with Linus wearing my sweatshirt.

After Maggie got shot, she further proved how bad-ass she is – who needs 911, when you have medical staff on hand? When Maggie talks, the red flags start getting through on the field. You also can't blame the woman for being a little testy after getting shot – she deserves to have an attitude.

How did the team go a week without knowing Marta woke up? You'd think a big secret government agency would have tabs on Marta. Kirsten gets credit for not taking Marta's word as truth and calling Cameron. Even though there is clearly something going on with the stitcher program, there has to be some good from it, as well.

Marta being killed off is a huge disappointment, but I understand it needed to be done to prove you can't trust the people behind the stitcher program.

Kirsten: Who's them, Marta?
Marta: Stitchers, they're evil. They have to be stopped.
Kirsten: So you leaked the algorithm to Justin to stop stitchers?
Marta: Exactly, and when that didn't work, I tried to kill Maggie. How is that lying bitch?
Kirsten: I don't think she's gonna make it.
Maggie: Good, otherwise I'd circle back around and finish the job.

In the end, Maggie tried to convince Cameron what happened to Marta wasn't his fault and he won't leave because he needs to keep Kirsten safe. Kirsten wanted to stitch into Marta to find out what she knew, but she's shut down immediately by Maggie. C

ameron and Kirsten had a sweet heart to heart, and Maggie proved she can't be trusted, but is also being controlled by people who are over her. 

What did you think of, "Stitcher in the Rye"? Do you think Cameron and Kirsten will eventually get together? What do you think the stitcher program is really about?

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The Stitcher in the Rye Review

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Camille: Oh! I love that truck.
Kirsten: Why? All it has is ridiculously expensive toast.
Cameron: It's artisanal toast.
Camille and Linus: And now he's toast.

Kirsten: Who said you could open my stuff?
Camille: Force of habit, at least now I don't need to re-seal it and pretend it didn't happen.