Samantha McAllister

Samantha McAllister

I'm a girl that loves TV/Movies and loves to write about them.
Supernatural Season 13 Episode 19 Review: Funeralia

Supernatural Review: Funeralia

On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 19, Rowena causes some problems which messes with fate, but will Sam be able to stop her? Read on to find out!
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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 5 Review: Darlene v. David

Roseanne Review: Darlene v. David

On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 5, David shows up unexpectedly for Harris's birthday, but Darlene's conflicted on his return. Read on to find out what happened!
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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 17 Review: The Thing

Supernatural Review: The Thing

On Supernatural Season 13 Episde 17, Sam and Dean make an interesting discovery, but could things take a turn for the worse? Read on to find out!
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