The Whispers Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Hide and Seek

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It's totally normal to break into your doctor's house to use her shower and graffiti her bathroom floor, right?

On The Whispers Season 1 Episode 2, we follow around Claire, Wes, and Sean as they all work on their own investigations. Well, Sean isn't really investigating anything that we can tell.

He's just sort of remembering things and also passing out in showers and getting new tattoos. Claire and Wes are at least taking a more standard approach to an investigation.

It's really cool to watch Claire and Wes investigate essentially the same thing from different angles. With Wes, there's a focus on whether Sean survived the crash, and what exactly happened in Africa. These are answers that Claire would not be able to get.

Slowly, a more complete picture of how Sean turned into the man he is now will start to form.

While Wes worked that aspect of the case, Claire was working on connecting Sean to Drill by showing Harper the sketch. There wasn't much progress made on that front, but it was great to see how Claire handled the possibly that Sean was involved. She protected him.

Even though Jessup wanted to release the sketch, Claire didn't let it happen. She looked out for her husband. Thankfully, she didn't keep her reasons a secret from Jessup for long, though. There are too many secrets already on this show, so there don't need to be trivial personal ones going on.

Right now, it is hard to tell how much Sean remembers. He seemed to be in better shape than he was at the hospital. He remembered where he had hidden things and about his creepy storage unit, but since he doesn't narrate or discuss his investigation of sorts, it is hard to figure him out. For now, Sean remains intriguing rather than confusing, but there needs to be a more clear picture of how much Sean knows as of now. Does he remember his family, for instance?

The man in that sketch, Jessup, he looks exactly like Sean, but the man Dr. Benavidez described, that's not Sean. He doesn't speak Arabic. He doesn't have tattoos. He wouldn't just attack someone. That's not him.


Is Sean mentally or physically okay? He had a massive headache or something while he was showering, and it looked like he passed out for a bit. Did he have a psychic vision or something because as soon as he woke up, he had to rapid sketch a logo down on the floor. It was weird. Who rushes out of the shower without grabbing a towel or turning off the water?

Maybe it was done so he wouldn't forget it, but then why also tattoo it on his body? Sean has some compulsion issues. 

Lena and Wes' domestic disputes were a bit much. While they did help explain why Minx ran away with Drill at the end, the fighting could have been toned down a little or restricted to one scene.

There's not a lot of levity, and everything is more of a thrilling adventure, so the personal drama didn't really fit. What did you think of the Lawrence family squabble?

But it is a game. It's the most important game of all, and I have to win. Please don't make me lose. I want my mommy back.


There wasn't much of anything learned about Drill. The only thing new about him was that he spoke, well, through a toy, but still. Drill showed how intelligent he is by listening to Minx's and Tanya's conversation, and then responding as if he was human.

So far, only the kids' side of the conversation with Drill has been shown, so hearing Drill kind of talk was fantastic.

Harper deserves a round of applause. Not for the withholding information from Claire part, but for actually questioning Drill and calling him out. He said he would fix her mom, and when her mom wasn't getting any better, Harper vocalized her doubts. Once Drill momentarily made her mom better, Harper agreed to continue playing the game.

Alright, so Drill can fully comprehend the situation around him and learn names, he can communicate through toys, also lights and anything electric, so what is he? Personal bet is still alien life form. But where does he live and does he have a corporeal body? What's your theory?

What did you think of the episode? I'd love to hear your theories in a comment below. Remember, you can watch The Whispers online anytime via TV Fanatic. 

Hide and Seek Review

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