Rookie Blue Q&A: Peter Mooney on Nick's Romantic Prospects, The Show's Future

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It’s summer time, which means that Rookie Blue Season 6 is in full swing.

Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting with Peter Mooney about diving into the deep end of Nick Collin’s past, what we can expect in the romance department and when they hope to hear if the show will be renewed for season 7.

Read on to find out who Peter says is the most competitive cast member, and who is the funniest man he’s ever met. Don’t forget to tune in tonight for Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 4 on ABC...

Juliet and Nick - Rookie Blue

So it looks like we’re going to get a glimpse into Nick’s past this week. What can you tell us?

It’s going to be a pretty big glimpse. We’re diving into the deep end of Nick’s back story in this episode. There’s been a few very subtle little crumbs dropped, little clues along this season, but this is the one where we find out the full story. It’s about his brother, which no one at 15, not even Andy, not even in their six months undercover did that come up; that he has a brother. His brother comes back, and it sort of sets off a chain of events that really pushes Nick to the point where he’s got to make a decision. Weighing up his own personal interests and his personal demons against his professional obligations and what it means to be a cop. 

Nick has had some horrible luck in the romance department since he joined 15 Division. With whom would he like to see him romantically paired?

Well, you know, we’re running out of options at 15, but I think Nick and Juliet are going to come crashing together in this episode. She’s going to see a very new and very unexpected side of Nick along with the audience, and that’s going to bring things into focus for them. They’ve sort of been dancing around the issue of should we, shouldn't we, couldn’t we? She’s got a big secret that he doesn’t know about, and this episode is the one where they’re going to have to pick one way or the other. 

Have you had a favorite scene or storyline thus far on the show?

This episode was probably my favorite to film just because it was so immersive, but the day we probably laughed the most was the paintball. I don’t know if you remember the paintball episode? [Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 3] That was…I think I still have internal injuries from how hard we laughed that day.

Who was most competitive during those scenes?

Missy [Peregrym] is always most competitive. Safety first and not everything was real, but at certain points we were shooting real paintballs at each other, and it got pretty hilarious. 

Have you heard anything about the show getting picked up for a new season?

We’re actually right at the point where we’re going to find out, so I don’t have any news, but I’m about to find out.

If we hopefully get a Rookie Blue Season 7, what would you like to see in Nick’s future?

I'd like to see Nick have some new challenges. I think what we’re seeing on the show overall is that a lot of these rookies aren’t rookies any more. Traci’s been a detective for some time now, and she was a rookie detective for a period, and now she’s just a full tilt detective. So the best, the thing I find the most fun on the show is moving on to new and different challenges, so if that’s another undercover thing, or if that’s ETF, or a promotion to a different track, I think that would be something really fun for Nick. 

I see that you’re involved with the new Heroes Reborn? What can you tell us about that?

That’s right. It’s a really, really fun set. It’s a really exciting reboot. I’m just on it a little blip, but I had a really great time doing it. I’m afraid to say anything about it because it’s a whole sort of web of intrigue. I think it’s going to be really exciting for the fans of Heroes and for people that are coming to it for the first time. 

Are you involved in any other projects we should know about?

Not right now. Right now I’m just in the holding period waiting to see what’s going to happen, if we’re going to be back with a season 7 of Rookie Blue. 

Anything more you can tease viewers about the rest of this season of Rookie Blue?

Yes, there is a big twist coming up that we didn’t even see coming. The cast didn’t see it coming, and I don’t know how the writers did such a good job of both laying it in along the way and managing to surprise us all. That’s coming up down the pike and coming up pretty soon for the viewers on ABC so look forward to that. 

One last question. Who do you have the most fun with on the set?

Ooh, I think the Captain of Fun, unofficial fun, is definitely Matty Gordon who plays Oliver Shaw. He is maybe the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life. Sometime it’s actually difficult with him in parade; we can’t make it through a take without somebody laughing. He’s great. 

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