Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Letting Go

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Earlier this week in our interview with Peter Mooney, he teased that Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 4 was, “diving into the deep end of Nick’s back story.” Apparently, he wasn’t kidding. 

It started off with his brother, Finn. Not only did no one know that Nick’s brother was paralyzed and in a wheelchair, no one knew he had a brother. Not even Andy and she was undercover with him for six months and later shared a romantic relationship. 

From R. Blue

No one can say that Nick Collins can’t keep a secret, except maybe from Juliet who investigated the discrepancies in Nick’s story until she figured it out. Nick didn’t need the day off because of a migraine, and there was no Criminal Informant. He was stalking the man he believed to be the cause of the accident that killed his parents and crippled his brother. 

It’s horrifying to imagine what Nick went through. One moment he was 12-years-old and sleeping in the back of his parent’s car, the next he woke up in a hospital to find out his parents were dead and his brother paralyzed. Nick subtly always seems to hold himself apart from everyone else at 15. Even in his romantic pursuits, there’s always been a bit of distance. Now we know why.

I could understand why Nick wanted to kill Marco and why he chose to arrest him. Marco was pathetic, and at his heart, Nick is a good guy and a good cop. This old drunk wasn't worth giving up any of that. 

Elsewhere at 15 Division, Oliver got some bad news. His daughter was picked up by 34 Division and arrested at a party. She was carrying ecstasy. On the upside, Shaw was offered the opportunity to get the charges dropped. On the downside, favors like that, even ones that come from people who say they like you, always come at a price. Oliver owes, and I can only wonder what the bill will be and when it will come due. 

Jarvis shut down the investigation into the evidence room bombing. He’s willing to pin it all on Ted MacDonald but Dov’s instincts tell him otherwise. 

I’ve really enjoyed Dov’s growth as an investigator over this season. Being on the street is no longer enough for him. He’s found his calling in investigations, and he and Marlo make a good team. I can’t wait to see what their off the books investigation uncovers and how much trouble it brings them. 

Chris and Dov arresting Brody Simmons was the entertainment value of the night. First there was Brody, who slashed his doctor in order to break out of prison to tell his ex-girlfriend that he’s no longer the violent man he used to be. Then there was crazy Tara, who has never met Brody but buys him clothes and has his favorite beer in her fridge. Maybe the two deserve one another.

While Chris looked like a fool as he fawned over the former MMA fighter being sent back to prison, Duncan actually scored some points. I’m still not sure what it means when Chris Diaz looks like more of an idiot than Duncan.

I couldn’t wait for Duncan to eventually be partnered with Gail because I expected her to smack him down, at least verbally. This is Gail who delivers lines like this Rookie Blue quote

I don't wish people things. I don't like a shared experience. I don't really like people.


It explains all the reasons why I love Gail. But instead of hating Duncan, she actually seemed amused by him. Not only did Gail applaud his “community policing” tactic of dancing with the kids in the street (a sight I’m not sure I’ll ever unsee), but she asked for hip hop lessons for herself. 

The whole sequence of events left me both in shock and secretly smiling. If he can win over Gail Peck there may be hope for Duncan Moore yet. 

The only real disappointment in this episode was the complete lack of scenes between Sam and Andy. Better luck next week McSwarek fans. 

But if you can’t wait until then, you can watch Rookie Blue online here at TV Fanatic.

Letting Go Review

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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Nick: Did your psychic happen to tell you that someone tall and dark would offer to buy you a beer?
Juliet: No but my therapist did tell me to set clear boundaries.

Chloe: I don't want to have a drink with you. OK, I want to have a drink with Dov.
Duncan: That Dov. The same Dov that dumped you, broke your heart.