Days of Our Lives Recap: Is It Over for Chad and Abby?

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Abigail got the results for the paternity of her unborn baby, Chloe returned, Theresa was outed and Aiden dumped Clyde and Ben on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Who’s the Daddy? Despite Abigail getting those paternity test results, thanks to Clyde’s machinations, we still don’t know which man is the father of her child. Were the test results changed and it’s really Chad’s or was the baby Ben’s all along. 

Abigail’s heart obviously isn’t with Ben; if it were she wouldn’t have broken down in anguished tears…in Chad’s arms. Ugh, that scene was hard to watch. Chad went from concerned and hopeful to confused and devastated. Once again, kudos to Billy Flynn for making my heart break. 

I wondered why Abby didn’t tell Chad she was pregnant with Ben’s child. Was it that she wanted Ben to be the first person to know? Then why not tell him when she saw him immediately after? Or was it because she was afraid of what Chad might say? Could he have convinced her they still had a chance? I’m afraid we’ll never know. 

I even felt sorry for Ben as he poured his heart out to Abby and she accepted his proposal. Ben is flawed but not a bad guy. The reason I dislike him most of all (other than putting that tracking app on Abby’s phone) is that he’s usually so boring. But it’s difficult not to feel badly for a guy whose fiancee only said yes to marrying him because she felt like it was the right thing to do since she’s carrying his child and not because she’s head over heels in love with him. 

Did anyone else feel that Chad telling Abigail, “If he ever hurts you I’ll break him in half” was foreshadowing for things to come? Let’s face it, Ben has a temper and Clyde is just plain evil which means anything can happen.

I was proud of Chad when he opened up to Marlena. That showed a lot of maturity on his part, even though I’m certain he’ll do something stupid soon afterwards being that he’s drunk and emotionally wounded, especially since it appears that Ben will be thrilled to rub his face in his new engagement. 

In other Salem news, Chloe returned. I’m not sure how long she’s staying but it appeared that her only purpose was to verbally eviscerate Nicole and then try to be friends an hour later. I suppose it was meant to solidify Daniel and Nicole’s relationship by having them weather Chloe’s tirade but it felt more like a waste of time. 

Theresa embarked on yet another ludicrous scheme to stay in the Kiriakis mansion. This time she had a cast put on and pretended to have a broken ankle. It was hard not to laugh at Victor's reaction...

Victor: What the hell happen to you?
Theresa: I broke my ankle.
Victor: Eh, I would have thought your kneecaps would be the first to go.

The only upside was watching Theresa bond with Tate while stuck on the sofa. Theresa’s lies and manipulations have gotten tiresome. I’m praying that what Brady says in this Days of Our Lives quote actually happens…

Pack your bags and get your lying ass out of my house right now.


It's certainly what she deserves and at least that might shake this storyline, and Theresa up in a way that changes something. 

Paige continued to try and save Kyle and annoy JJ at the same time. Jennifer embarked on some silliness about taking down a greedy developer who was trying to shut down the Horton center to build a strip mall. Serena’s still in town but apparently has forgotten how to dial 911 when Caroline passed out and Victor forced Xander to shovel manure.

If that's not enough, in an odd twist, Aiden dumped Clyde and Ben as clients.

Clyde's becoming more dangerous by the minute. His attempt at charm has even begun to slip around Kate who was finally beginning to have doubts about her paramour. Clyde certainly isn’t the first treacherous man Kate’s been involved with but as Justin pointed out…

Just because you're used to swimming in the deep end, doesn't mean it's any less dangerous.


Now it’s your turn TVFanatics. Who do you think is the real father of Abigail’s baby?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday to check out what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about this week's events in Salem. 

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